Do Parrots Get Jealous? Parrot Jealousy Unraveled

March 30, 2016 6 min read

Parrots are very emotional animals that get jealous, especially as mature adults.  Adult birds are inclined to be very possessive of their perceived mate or preferred person.  Jealous parrots can be trained. Let's brush up on what makes a parrot jealous and how to keep everyone safe if you have a jealous, possessive bird.
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Winter Parrot Supplies

March 30, 2016 3 min read

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Parrot Boredom Breakers

March 30, 2016 4 min read

Make sure that your pet is happy with parrot boredom breakers.  Caged parrots get bored sitting in the cage all day.  With these helpful tips, you can offer your parrot the enrichment it needs to make the most of each day.
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How to Deal With Biting Parrot Problems

March 29, 2016 5 min read

If you've got a biting parrot, you must be pretty frustrated.  Parrots get mad or over-excited just like you and I.  Learn how to tell when you're going to get bit and how you should react after the fact to begin to put an end to this painful parrot problem.
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Why Your Parrot Needs Vitamin D

March 29, 2016 4 min read

Discover why your bird needs Vitamin D in it's diet and how a parrots body uses it.
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Choosing Parrot Training Supplies

March 29, 2016 7 min read

Teaching your parrot manners is important.  Intelligent parrots rely on parrot training. In the wild, Mom and Dad spend months teaching their young a number of survival and flock related behaviors.  Handfed chicks, on the other hand are simply fed and expected to thrive in a household, despite their wild cravings.  It is your job to be the Mom or Dad and teach your intelligent, life-long pet the in's and outs, including manners so that it can physically and emotionally survive a household life.
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Calm Behavioral Feather Picking with 3 Bird Calming Supplements

March 29, 2016 7 min read

You've taken your feather picking parrot to the vet and it checks out fine, health wise.  But, the vet tells you that problem is behavioral feather picking.  Now what do you do?  Well, read on to discover how to help your bird. Discover bird calming supplements and get other great advise.
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Why Birds Need Vitamins & Minerals | Parrot's Nutritional Guide

March 24, 2016 7 min read 4 Comments

Your parrot needs essential nutrients for a healthy body and beautiful feathers.  Learn what nutrients a bird needs and how to feed your bird right.  A healthy parrot is less likely to develop parrot problems such as parrot plucking.  New feather growth requires optimum health. Bird Vitamins for feathers may be an important part of keeping your bird healthy.
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Tuesday Parrot Pictures - Help for Feather Picking Slideshow

March 24, 2016 1 min read

Learn what is all about in our cute slide show featuring our customers birds.
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5 Tips for Stamping Out Parrot Boredom

March 24, 2016 6 min read

Parrot boredom is very real and a bored parrot is an unhappy pet.  In the wild, parrots are full of life and energy with dozens of opportunities each day for socialization, foraging, exercise, play and more.  Get some useful tips on how to offer your parrot a bit of enrichment and help your pet thrive.
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Why is my Parrot Biting It's Feet?

March 24, 2016 6 min read 3 Comments

Does your pet engage in parrot foot biting? Or leg chewing?  Examine some of the medical and behavioral reasons that parrots bite their feet and find some solutions and deterants to help put an end to parrot feet biting.
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6 Best Bird Feather Plucking Supplements |

March 24, 2016 5 min read

There are 5 supplements available to support feather plucking bids - Avian Specific Multi-vitamin, Probiotics, FeatheredUp!, & more.
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