Diane’s Bird Supplies Story: From 4-H to Avian Advocacy

I'm Diane Burroughs, the person behind BirdSupplies.com. My interest in animals grew from my early days in 4-H, evolving into a lifelong passion for birds. In 1998, I started BirdSupplies.com to offer a trusted place where bird owners can find not just products, but also guidance and quality care for their birds. We specialize in creating nutritious and effective products that cater to the well-being of birds, ensuring they lead healthier, happier lives.

Our Mission: Echoing Birdsong with Care

BirdSupplies.com isn’t just a store; it’s a community where bird enthusiasts can come together to learn and support each other. I have a genuine passion in the health and behavior of birds, which is the driving force behind BirdSupplies.com. I'm committed to offering products and information that promote the overall health and happiness of birds, helping to strengthen the bond between birds and their owners.

A Unique Nest in the Market

At BirdSupplies.com, my focus is on what really matters: the health and happiness of your birds. I use proven science and a love for these creatures to offer products like nutritional supplements and bird collars, all backed by the latest research. Since shifting to behavioral care in 2011, I’ve been all in on tackling problems like feather plucking to make a real difference in the lives of pet birds.

Beyond Business: A Commitment to Feathers and Flight

Quality and compassion are at the core of everything we offer, from carefully curated products to involvement in avian conservation efforts. BirdSupplies.com is more than a business; it’s a platform for advocacy, education, and support, aiming to make a positive impact on the avian world. Looking forward, I am excited to continue this journey, with hopes of passing the torch to my son, fostering a legacy of love and respect for birds.

Join Our Flock: Where Every Bird Story Matters

Your journey with birds is our inspiration. BirdSupplies.com is here to guide, support, and celebrate the beautiful bond between you and your feathered friends. We invite you to reach out, share your stories, and connect with us through our website. Together, we can ensure the well-being and happiness of every bird in our care, creating a world where every chirp counts and every wingbeat tells a story of love and care.

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For the love of birds.


We strive to help your feathered friend flourish, contributing to a life filled with health and happiness. For both them and you.

perfect for feather pluckers

Revolutionalizing parrot wellness

Years of Experience

BirdSupplies.com started in 1998 with a love for parrots & a commitment to exceptional bird care. Since that time, we've come to be known as the "feather plucking specialists."

Why? We've created a range of bird products to support feather pluckers. From comfy soft bird collars to top-shelf bird supplements. And, don't forget our no-nonsense behavior support.

Serve on bird chop

Bird Bonding Bliss

Healthy Feathers. Heartfelt Care.

While some opt for scritches and treats, we opt for showering them with wellness and nutrition, ensuring it's in the right portions. This inspired us to develop a safe assortment of bird supplements and chop toppers, uniquely crafted for avian health.

parrot calming formula

Tweeting With Calm

Trusted By Thousands

At BirdSupplies.com, we're devoted to bringing peace to your parrot's world. Whether it's addressing feather plucking, easing travel stress, or making holidays joyous, our curated solutions prioritize wellness & calmness. You'll appreciate a range that combines nature and science for a calm yet alert bird.

Aloe Vera Bird Spray


Aloe Beautiful!

Your bird's comfort matters, and we get it. Worried about those skin and feather issues? Try Aloe Vera Bird Spray – it's like a spa day for your feathered friend! Aloe's natural goodness not only makes them vibrant & beautiful but also gives much-needed relief from itchy, inflamed, or infected skin. Our gentle and effective avian products cater to even the pickiest parrots, ensuring they feel revitalized and look fabulous.