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Bird Care

Why Do My Bird's Feathers Look Bad? What To Do For Beautiful Feather Growth Starting Right Now

Birds are amazing and beautiful whether you see them in the wild or care for them in your
bird Self Mutilation

10 Ways To Curb Bird Self Mutilation Without Breaking the Bank

Table of Contents What is bird self mutilation? Why do birds self mutilate? Stressors th
How Parrot Wellness Improves bird behavior
bird behavior

6 Tips on How to Keep Your Bird in Good Behavior

6 ways to offer your pet parrot environmental wellness. These strategies will improve your
Calming bird tea for parrots
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What's in UnRuffledRx Calming Bird Tea and How It Helps Your Bird?

Our Calming Bird Tea is chock full of adaptogen herbs that supports a calm mood and other
Aging bird chart
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5 Important Things To Think About When Senior Birds Start Plucking

Important Tips For When Older Birds Start Feather Plucking
preening parrot
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What You Need To Know About Bird Preening

Preening is an extremely common behavior in birds, and people often think of it as groomin
How To Give A Parrot A Bath
bathing your bird

How To Give A Parrot A Bath

Ever wonder why your parrot needs frequent baths for its health—and yours, too? Here's how
Molting Parrots
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What You Should Know About Molting Parrots

While molting is totally normal, molting parrots need extra care.  Learn all about molting
Tuesday Parrot Pictures - Help for Feather Picking Slideshow
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Tuesday Parrot Pictures - Help for Feather Picking Slideshow

Learn what BirdSupplies.com is all about in our cute slide show featuring our customers bi