Bird Collars for Parrot Self Mutilation

Range of Feather Plucking Behavior

Parrot Self Mutilation is a distressing problem that can occur with any species, but is more common in African Grey's, Cockatoo's, and Quaker Parrots. It is believed that self-mutilation is an obsessive compulsive disorder that becomes addictive in nature.  Parrot self-mutilation often requires a multi-pronged approach of prescription grade medications, environmental management, and an effective barrier. Learn more about parrot self-mutilation in my upcoming book, The Feather Destructive Behavior Workbook: 8 Secrets to Curb Plucking and Self-Mutilation in Parrots.

Management efforts should concentrate on the following:

Bird Collars for Parrot Self Mutilation are an important component of managing this distressing problem.

      Bird Collar Barriers are an important part of solving feather plucking in parrots.

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