Bird Collars for Parrot Self Mutilation

Range of Feather Plucking Behavior

Parrot Self Mutilation is a distressing problem that can occur with any species but is more common in African Grey's, Cockatoo's, and Quaker Parrots. It is believed that self-mutilation is an obsessive-compulsive disorder that becomes addictive in nature.  Parrot self-mutilation often requires a multi-pronged approach of prescription-grade medications, environmental management, and an effective barrier. Learn more about parrot self-mutilation in my upcoming book, The Feather Plucking Remedies for Birds Workbook.

How to Manage Parrot Self-Mutilation

  • Find a variety of thick, sturdy bird collars that your bird tolerates.
  • Work with an experienced avian vet to explore medication options.
  • Keep open wounds clean with bird safe products like Medihoney or Vet Aid Spray. 
  • Provide optimum parrot husbandry and environmental management to improve wellness.
  • Implement a behavior modification plan.