bird training using positive reinforcment
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Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Bird Training using Positive Reinforcement

By Diane Burroughs Table of Contents What are the benefits of positive reinforcement bir
Clicker Training for Birds
bird training

Your All-in-One Guide to Clicker Training for Birds Guide

Clicker training uses the concept of Operant or Instrumental conditioning. So, the reward
Caitec Bird Foraging Toys
bird training

6 Training Tips That Will Make You Love Your Bird More Then Ever

Everyone knows how important it is to train their dog. However, did you know that it is so
parrot training
bird training

Parrot Behavior Training: Your Top 9 Questions Answered

Explore our blog post, "Parrot Behavior Training: Your Top Questions Answered," where we t
6 Things I Learned From My Parrot
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6 Things I Learned From My Parrot

You love your parrot for a reason.  The magical beauty that it holds is a blessing.  I've
Socialize Parrot
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8 Tips On How To Socialize Your Parrot

Being flock animals, parrots need a lot of socialization for their emotional health.  But,