nervous bird
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4 Tips to Train a Nervous Bird

Do you have a nervous bird that freaks out every time that you approach it? Of course you
bird training
bird training

Choosing Bird Training Supplies For The Best Results

Bird training is easy, if you learn effective positive reinforcement strategies that birds
Clicker training for birds with Kiwi
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6 Reasons I Love Clicker Training For Birds

It works wonders for dogs, but does it work for birds?  Clicker training uses the concept
calm bird
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10 Tips For A Calm Bird Using Positive Reinforcement

Have you ever wondered, "how to calm a bird down?" It can be done. High strung parrots is 
Clicker Training for Birds
bird training

Your All-in-One Guide to Clicker Training for Birds Guide

Clicker training uses the concept of Operant or Instrumental conditioning. So, the reward
hiring a bird behaviorist
bird behavior

How A Bird Behaviorist Can Help You Use Positive Reinforcement The Right Way

🌈 Navigate the world of bird behavior with a skilled bird behaviorist who understands the
Feeding Bird Supplements
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3 Ways To Get Your Bird To Take Medicines Or Supplements

Have you struggled with getting your bird to take a new bird supplement or medicine?  This
Caitec Bird Foraging Toys
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6 Training Tips That Will Make You Love Your Bird More Then Ever

Everyone knows how important it is to train their dog. However, did you know that it is so
bird training treats
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How To Choose The Best Treat For Bird Training

Afraid that your bird is not food motivated? Think again.  Here is the best way to find wh