Bird Anxiety
bird behavior

Bird Anxiety Demystified: 6 Natural Ways to Keep Your Bird Calm

By Diane Burroughs Table of Contents How Do I Know if My Bird Has Anxiety? What Causes
rehabilitating a phobic bird
bird behavior

5 Ways To Tame A Fearful Bird For A Happier Pet

Every day we hear sad stories about fearful and phobic parrots.  There is nothing that you
Stress-free holiday tips for birds
bird behavior

5 Tips For A Stress-Free Holiday With Your Pet Bird

The holidays can be stressful on us but did you know that they can cause bird stress too.
Clicker training for birds with Kiwi
bird behavior

6 Reasons I Love Clicker Training For Birds

It works wonders for dogs, but does it work for birds?  Clicker training uses the concept
calm bird
bird behavior

10 Tips For A Calm Bird Using Positive Reinforcement

Have you ever wondered, "how to calm a bird down?" It can be done. High strung parrots is 
hormonal bird
bird behavior

Parrot Hormonal Behavior Series: Why is My Bird Hiding Under Furniture?

Learn about how adult parrots that seek out nesting cavities and nesting materials become
hiring a bird behaviorist
bird behavior

How A Bird Behaviorist Can Help You Use Positive Reinforcement The Right Way

🌈 Navigate the world of bird behavior with a skilled bird behaviorist who understands the
How Parrot Wellness Improves bird behavior
bird behavior

6 Tips on How to Keep Your Bird in Good Behavior

6 ways to offer your pet parrot environmental wellness. These strategies will improve your