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What Our Customers Say About BirdSupplies


BirdSupplies Has The Best Range of Collars

Overwhelmingly, UnRuffledRx Bird Collars have been a success with our cases of feather plucking and post-surgery. They provide a nice alternative to plastic collars and our client’s love them. We love the range of styles from lightweight to heavy-duty and her veterinarian wholesale support. Diane is very conscientious to get products to us quickly in emergencies.

Dr. Bob
Boston, MA


The only thing that works

Our Moluccan Cockatoo has physically recovered from a tricky bacterial skin infection but he become a chronic plucker, rubbing his chest until he has an open wound. Other than shower breaks or when he can be closely supervised, he'll probably be collared for life. We've tried all sorts of collars, but the slip-on version is the only thing that works. The collars last about 6 weeks before we replace them. He can fly and climb without problems, and doesn't even object much when we put it back on him.

Middleboro, US


Allows me to serve my customers

I am a professional bird trainer and groomer, offering in home services to over 800 birds. I work with a lot of feather pickers. I am so excited to offer my clients both UnRuffledRx Bird Collars and their nutritional supplements. They’ve been a Godsend to countless birds.

Orlando, US


The Change Was Amazing!

I ordered your Fringy Neck Collar for my Molucan foster, Peaches. He has huge hole in his chest from self-mutilation. From the moment I got it on him, the change was amazing! He was content, even to the point of just perching on his stand and playing with the fringes. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I have to admit, I had my doubts that a collar would make a difference – but with what I witnessed this week – wow. I am so relieved!

Baltmore, US