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Does This Sound Familiar?

You've shelled out hundreds of dollars trying to get to the bottom of the plucking only to be told that the problem is "behavioral."

Do you find yourself consistently disappointed because none of the solutions you try for feather plucking seem to help?

Do you feel guilty that you're doing something wrong or that your pet is suffering?


Ready to boost your bird's overall health and delight in the splendor of its stunning plumage?

We've helped 1,000's of bird lovers (just like you) learn how to improve parrot wellness.

What bird parents are saying About Bird Supplies

Dr. Kress

Verified buyer

"I want to personally thank you for your products. I am a veterinarian & bird enthusiast. I've recently taken in some feathered friends in need of serious feather plucking help. Your Fringy Cone is absolutely perfect!


Verified Buyer

Thrilled to report that the Aloe bird spray isa life-saver for LiLGrey! Within days, I saw a noticeable improvement in his skin. Spraying inside his wings worked wonders. Thank you for this fantastic solution!

Michael W.

Verified Buyer

I was really worried about my cockatoo's feather plucking, so I ordered behavior consultation at Diane gave me practical, actionable tips that really helped. My cockatoo is happier, and so am I. Highly recommend!

How To Say Goodbye To Feather Plucking

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