Shipping USA

3-7 business days when choosing the Standard Shipping Method.

Orders placed before 10:30 am MST will ship the same day … YAY.

Orders placed AFTER 10:30 am MST will ship the following business day.

Yes. We offer USPS Express for US and international orders.

Weather can affect shipping, particularly in extreme conditions. During cold weather, there might be delays due to the need for extra precautions to protect sensitive items from freezing. In hot weather, efforts are made to prevent heat-related damage. While our team works diligently to minimize delays, unpredictable weather events may impact transit times. We appreciate your understanding and assure you that we prioritize the safety and integrity of your shipments. For real-time updates on your order, please check the tracking information provided."

Our products are should not be affected by extreme temperatures for a short period of time, however, bottles of liquid may leak if frozen. If your product is frozen, let it thaw at room temperature.

Prolonged exposure to temperatures above 77F can impact the color and/or texture of our oils.

Store in original container in cool and dry place (50-77F), out of direct sunlight.

Enjoy complimentary shipping on US retail orders over $70; otherwise, it's just a pocket-friendly $6.99 to any US address.

Standard Shipping Rate for any customer order under $70 in the US is $6.99 flat.

Expedited Shipping US-based will be charged the actual calculated rate from the carrier no matter the size or value of their order.

If you've created an account page and provided us with a valid email please log in and click on your most recent order number. Copy the tracking # and paste it in the google search bar to track the order.

Shipping Canada & Europe

Orders placed before 10:30 am MST will ship same day … YAY.

Orders placed AFTER 10:30 am MST will ship the following business day.

Most standard orders arrive within 21 days. Expedited orders arrive within 7 - 21 days.

While we make every effort to ensure that our products clear customs quickly, some packages get held up in customs.

Weather conditions can influence international shipments, especially in extreme climates. In cold weather, additional measures are taken to prevent freezing, potentially causing delays. Similarly, in hot weather, precautions are implemented to safeguard items from heat-related issues. Despite our proactive measures, unpredictable weather events may affect transit times for international orders. We value your understanding and emphasize our commitment to ensuring the safe and secure delivery of your items. Stay informed by checking the provided tracking information for real-time updates on your international shipment."

Unfortunately, there is not. We currently use either UPS or USPS for exporting to other countries.

Yes, in most cases.

Returns, Damages, & Exchanges

You may return unused products within 30 days of purchase for a refund, minus shipping charges.

For a hassle-free refund, make sure your item meets these criteria:

  • Original condition
  • Intact safety seals
  • Odor-free
  • Free from bite marks and dander

Here's items that we can't accept for a refund:

Drop ship items (bird lights and bird carriers)

Digital products

Clearance items

Click here to start a return

We don't offer exchanges at this time due to the difficulties with tracking inventory. Please return your item and reorder the product you want. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions that you may have.


Coming in January 2024, Set it and forget it. Save worry that your bird may go back to old habits and 10% off every order with a recurring subscription. Even better? FREE SHIPPING! (US only). Learn more here.

Contact us or log into your account to manage or cancel your subscription.

We offer wholesale programs for Pet Pros and Dental Pros. To apply for a wholesale account please click here.

After your account has been created, access wholesale pricing at the new wholesale storefront.

Bird Collars

We offer size recommendations tailored to your bird's weight in grams, recognizing the natural variability among different bird species. Much like people don't all wear the same size, our sizing guidance ensures a customized fit for your unique feathered friend.

Click here for our size chart.

Yes, our bird collars are washable. We recommend using a gentle, unscented laundry detergent and placing the collar in a lingerie bag using the gentle cycle for added protection during washing.

Yes, approximately 10% of birds can open the Velcro. To enhance durability, we suggest reinforcing Velcro closures with moleskin. If your bird is a known chewer, consider spraying the fabric with a bird-safe bitter solution before putting it on.

Bird Supplements

Maximize the benefits of our bird supplements by adhering to the recommended dosage for your birds size on the packaging. While a little is great, remember, moderation is key in avian health. Always consult your avian vet and hit pause if you observe any unexpected reactions. Let's keep the feathered companion on the path to wellness.

Bird Behavior

Certainly! Yes, our cone-style collars can be trimmed at the neck hole and perimeter between the double stitching for a personalized fit.

Information on damages and lost packages can be found on this page in the FAQ at the bottom of the page.