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Arrived noon today, I'm impressed. You've some excellent guidelines and training tips. My behavior skills with parrots focuses on trust issues-you are right on. The items are top notch quality- I think the mediums seem a little small for my citron and the large a tad tight for my umbrella cockatoo. I'll try to stretch the openings a little. I think a size up would work better. Both birds have no trouble with flight suits or flight leashes. The tight fit gets them anxious as it pulls or catches on neck and throats feathers. Any suggestions? MS -  Alaska

I received my order and wanted to thank you so much for the great samples to try on my birds. My birds really love the honey pellets!! I will definitely order more when I run out. Thanks again for a pleasurable shopping experience on your website and all the freebees! Tiffanie 

Customer Service

Yes.  Please scan and email us a copy of your sales tax license or your tax exempt license to access to a discount code for UnRuffledRx Bird Collars and Tube Collars only.

At this time we do not offer fabric color choices.  We attempt to use bird friendly colors for each size, for instance, the medium bird collars come in colors that compliment an African Grey Parrot or Amazon Parrots plummage. is a small business and we are often busy with manufacturing or packing up orders.  For that reason, we are able to offer the fastest customer service via texts.  Please text us at (719) 650-0812.

Email us at


Sorry. We only do business over the internet and we do not allow for order pick up.

Yes.  You may cancel your order as long as it hasn't shipped.  We are able to ship most orders within 24 hours.  If your order has already shipped; you may pay postage to return it back to us.  We will refund for products only, not shipping.

We charge sales tax for orders that are shipped to a Colorado address.

We make every effort to ship residential orders by the next business day.  As a small,family based business, we sometimes have delays in obtaining inventory from our seamstress.  

Bulk orders and large orders may take a few days longer.  

Our standard shipping is via USPS Priority Mail.  Turn around time is 2-5 days depending on holidays, weather and other obstacles.  Once an item is picked up by USPS we are able to track it but we can not intervene or speed up delivery.

If you need your order faster, due to a parrot emergency, please choose Express Shipping.  


Report any damages to us within 48 hrs. of receipt via our Contact Form or text (See Pop Out in lower right corner).

We try our best to prevent damage to all packages during transit by packing each order carefully.  Unfortunately, there will be the occasional damaged shipment.  In this case, please hold onto all of the packaging and contact us immediately.  Please make sure that you do not discard part of the package.  Please text us pictures of the damaged item(s). Carefully describe the condition of the packaging material and the ordered items and text photo's of the damage to (719) 650-0812.  A representative of the shipping company may pi

Pack up the package from your location in order to inspect the damage.  Because we insure all of our packages, we will try our best to replace the damaged items for you as soon as possible.

We have a strict return policy because we specialize in products for sick or compromised birds.  Our fabric and leather products can not be adequately sterilized for resale.  We inspect all returns for use and wear.  

Please see our returns policy here.

Yes. Please send the picture or pictures of the item that is damaged as well as the box when you notify that you have a damaged item.

If you placed an order and failed to cancel before shipping, we are not responsible for any shipping charges, those to you or back to us.  If a box is returned to us for any reason, whether you decided that you don't want it or you entered an incorrect address, you will only be refunded for the product.  A restocking fee may apply.  Shipping charges will not be refunded. 

Yes. Please save the box. Take pictures of the damage to the box, the packing materials and the product to substantiate your claim both with us and the shipping company.

Please notify us within 3 days of product discrepencies.  Please be prepared to take a picture and text it to us at (719) 650-0812 in order to substatiate the claim. 


Our Store is hosted by Shopify who uses SSL Certificates. An extra layer of security—256-bit encryption—has been added to The green padlock icon to the left of our address in the address bar lets you know we have extra security for your safety and protection of all your information.

Our Store is hosted by Shopify who uses SSL Certificates. An extra layer of security—256-bit encryption—has been added to The green padlock icon to the left of our address in the address bar lets you know we have extra security for your safety and protection of all your information.


Please know your own countries customs requirements.  We are aware that 

**Customers in Australia, Finland, and Norway, are not able to receive any bird food or seed or plant based items of any kind into their country.

Our standard shipping on most orders is via USPS Priority Mail for both US and international orders.  Please allow 2-5 days for delivery for US orders excluding holidays and Sunday's.  International orders may take 2-4 weeks.  Please note that we are unable to guarantee how long international orders take to clear customs.

You may choose USPS Express Mail on small items for both US and International shipments.

Some items are shipped direct from the manufacturer. Please be prepared to sign for receipt of large bird carriers.

Most orders ship over $79 USD free within the Continental US.  

Our standard shipping rate is $5.99 and up, depending on package size.  Expedited orders are more.

International shipping rates start at $18.99. 

We are pleased to extend our products to our miliatry families.  Please note that customs regulations apply. Orders being shipped to APO addresses may take from 1 to 8 weeks to arrive once they have left our store, depending on the country to be shipped to, and the military delivery system status.

We ship to a variety of countries.  Some countries, such as Australia and New Zealand have strict customs laws and do not allow seed based products, wood perches and some other foods entry. 

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Plucking? Screaming? Biting?

Wild parrots only become hormonal once or twice a year and only when the conditions are just right. A parrot's body isn't equiped for constant hormonal surges, and in fact continuous hormonal behavior is hard on your birds system. Learn about the consequences and challanges of continuously hormonal parrots with our hormonal parrots series: 

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Bird Collars

Oh No! We are sorry to hear that. We pride ourselves in providing qualty bird collars and I'm sorry that you had challenges with your purchase.  Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee that your bird will accept a bird collar.  We enclosed a flier with instructions to train your bird to accept the collar and we strongly recommend that you take 5-7 days to help your parrot get accustomed to any of our feather protective products.

Never the less,  keep in mind, your bird was already chewing and it has developed a habit that meets a physical and emotional need.  Some birds don't adapt well to wearing apparel and need a more heavy-duty closure.  You may get more life out of this collar if you have stainless steel snaps installed on it.  Let us know if you'd like a member of our staff to reach out to you.

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Skin Care & Breating

All parrots scratch at themselves throughout the day.  Birds scratch to realign feathers, just because they have an itch or to get something off of their feathers. But, if you think that your bird is scratching too much, get 4 Tips To Help a Scratching Bird here.  Birds may scratch more in the winter months due to dry skin and nasal passages. You'll want to learn how to bring your parrot comfort in the winter as most parrots are from tropical climates 

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