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UnRuffledRx Organic Bird Greens for All Pet Birds, 2 oz.

Velcro Cone Bird Collar
Deborah Miles-Hoyt (Sterling, US)

These cone collars have been a lifesaver for my cockatoo. She's hasn't plucked or picked at herself in many months now, but when I first started getting these years ago, she actually tore holes out of her knees and plucked her legs bare.

Birdie Approved

My 2 Caique's enjoy this flavor more than the coconut oil, when they see me grab the bottle from the cupboard they start getting excited.

Fringy Cone Bird Collar
Jesse Allen (Houston, US)
Ordered wrong size.

I spoke with you a few days ago concerning this item. First of all, i ordered a large and should have ordered a XL. I’m returning this unused item and wish to have the refund. Then I’ll order the XL. I mentioned improvements but the items were nothing new to you.

Tube Bird Collar Pattern & Easy Sewing Tutorial
Patricia Archacavage (Philadelphia, US)
Bird collar

I did not realize it was emailed. The invoice said I would get a tracking number. I apparently ordered the wrong size. So I get to try again.

UnRuffledRx FeatherSoft Itchy Bird Spray
Karen Holsinger (Pittsburgh, US)

I like the product but I have to kind of fight with my bird to get him to take the bath with the stuff but I managed to get it it seems to do okay I don't spray him as much cuz I don't want to stress him out too much

Didn't get the color I ordered. And would have liked to know I had to pay another 40 bucks for import into Canada before I ordered. 1 collar ended up costing me 150$.

You get what you pay for

High quality products made from superior materials and carefully designed and assembled to fit well and last. Great customer service comes along with that. The prices scared me at first but upon receiving the vest and collar, I feel that the money was well spent. My wife and I were so impressed (so was our picky cockatoo) that I ordered again to keep at home as a spare.
Rate it A++

Velcro Cone Bird Collar
Cliff Franklin (Doylestown, US)

My cockatoo can get it off pretty easy

Not worth the money

Not worth the money. I don’t know about other collar here on this site, but a normal human being can think this with the help of a vet and make it yourself. No pattern needed. So for people who struggle financially; def. not worth the money. Just ask your vet how long and thick it has to be. Mine said this one was too short for a lovebird (thickness), so I can’t even use it.

Part of a healthy diet

I’ve made a variety of sprouts for my birds over the years, but the birds seemed to like this particular mix the best. Took me a minute to figure how much mix to use in my sprouter because of the variety of seed sizes in the mix. I will continue to use this product periodically since it is so popular with my birds.

Not having any luck getting the seeds to sprout?

Hey Yvette,

Sprouting can sometimes be a challenge. We only sell small, fresh batches of our sprouts. Here is a free guide on how to get started with soaking and sprouting. The bird sprouts are incredibly healthy, so its definitely worth trying.

Can hold up to the pressure that a spoiled cockatoo antics

Lasted 2 days on my severe macaw.

My second purchase. I tried a different one from birdsupply, a soft one, before this, and while both are well made, none lasted longer than 2-3 days. My parrot is severe macaw.

Years ago, my cockatoo started self-mutilating. Before knowing about BirdSupplies, my bird had to wear hard plastic "cones"...Neither I nor my bird was happy about this! My vet told us about BirdSupplies and suggested trying a soft collar. I tried a couple different types of collars that BirdSupplies offered, before settling on the Fringy Cone Bird Collar that works great!

Since my cockatoo tries to bite his feet and his wings, I suggest going with one size larger than the size chart recommends (the size chart recommends a medium; however, I purchase a large). Cockatoos are very smart and teach themselves sneaky ways to get to the areas they want to mutilate; but the larger size collar helps prevent this. The only problem with the larger size is that the neck hole is too large for my bird. My suggestion to BirdSupplies is to make the neck hole smaller, but allow the customer to trim it to customize the hole size as needed.

Well made cone… however the small size is still too big for my cockatiel… he couldn’t even walk with it on… so I guess I’ll have to find something else to help his plucking. It would be helpful if you put examples of which birds fit which cones in the descriptions… if those descriptions exist, I was not able to locate them.

Thanks for the review, Kathryn, I wanted to point out that our cone collars can be trimmed at both the neck hole and at the perimeter to get a good fit.

I really like this spray and the birds seem to like it too.

My griffin cockatoo my goffin cockatoo loved it.

My bird is still scratching; and still screams. But not as much as before. I have used this product for a week now. This prodoct may not have been the right choice, but only time will tell. I have confidence this will help her.

JJ -
Our itchy bird kit addresses the problem for both a nutritional angle and a comfort angle. From the nutritional standpoint, it takes 3-6 months to build the nutritional reserves back up. However, if you don't see results soon please consider taking your bird to the vet - as unbearable itching is a symptom of fatty liver disease.

I had to add industrial strength velcro pads to the collar on top of the old velcro, I made the new velcro 2 inches wider and longer.My cockatoo can no longer remove the collar please look into making the velcro on your collars longer and wider.that really works.thank you ,barry donheiser

Bird does not like it, will not eat foods doctored with it

Hi Jeanie,
A great way to teach your bird that foods are okay to eat is to eat it in front of them, making a big deal about how good it is.

Bird does not like it, will not eat foods doctored with it

Hi there - thanks for bringing this up. Bird's instinctually are hesitant to try new foods. But, its pretty easy. Here is a blog post about it

and check out the webpage for instructions -

Very cute collar, unfortunately, my bird freaked out so badly when I put it on, that I was afraid she would hurt herself, so I have gone back to making my own collars. However, the collar was beautifully made. Wish she would wear it

Very cute collar, unfortunately, my bird freaked out so badly when I put it on, that I was afraid she would hurt herself, so I have gone back to making my own collars. However, the collar was beautifully made. Wish she would wear it