how to stop a bird from biting
biting bird

How To Stop A Bird From Biting - Biting Parrot Problems

If you've got a biting parrot, you must be pretty frustrated.  Parrots get mad or over-exc
Why Your Parrot Needs Vitamin D
organic diets for parrots

Why Vitamin D for Birds Is So Important & How to Ensure Your Bird Gets Enough of It

Discover why your bird needs Vitamin D in it's diet and how to make sure that your bird is
calming anxious birds
calming a parrot

The Dos and Don'ts of Calming Nervous Birds

Birds are amazing pets. But an anxious bird can be downright troublesome. Luckily, there a
Bird Vitamins & Minerals
feeding your parrot

Why Birds Need Vitamins & Minerals | Parrot's Nutritional Guide

Your parrot needs essential nutrients for a healthy body and beautiful feathers.  Learn wh
Tuesday Parrot Pictures - Help for Feather Picking Slideshow
bird plucking feathers

Tuesday Parrot Pictures - Help for Feather Picking Slideshow

Learn what is all about in our cute slide show featuring our customers bi
Parrot Boredom Tips
bird boredom

5 Tips for Stamping Out Parrot Boredom

Parrot boredom is very real and a bored parrot is an unhappy pet.  In the wild, parrots ar
bird Diet
all seed diets

Three Problems with an All Seed Bird Diet

Sure, feeding your parrot an all seed diet is easy, cheap, and the parrot seemingly enjoys
Choosing your first pet bird
african grey parrots

Choosing Your First Bird – 4 Popular First Birds

When choosing your first pet bird, it's best to do a lot of planning and make a choice of
What to Feed a Pet BIrd
Bird Food Pyramid

What to Feed Your Pet Parrot: The Parrot Food Pyramid

Have you been wondering what to feed your pet parrot?  Good!  Because proper parrot nutrit