Homemade bird treats to feed this summer
bird treats

3 Homemade Bird Treats Your Parrot Will Love This Summer

Are you sizzling this summer?  Your parrot might be hot too!  How about mixing up some del
Pest Control for Parrots

Natural Bird-Safe Pest Control for Bird Lover's

Are you looking for natural, bird safe pest control?  Find out about your options in this

Happy Halloween Parrot Video from BirdSupplies.com

Check out our quirky little slideshow parrot video of naughty birds.  And, smile about why
The Gabriel Foundation Parrot Sanctuary
homeless parrots

BirdSupplies.com Customers Donate to The Gabriel Foundation Parrot Sanctuary

The Gabriel Foundation Parrot Sanctuary is a life saver for over 700 homeless parrots.  Pa
Moluccan Cockatoo

Update on Our Sick Moluccan Cockatoo: Ruling Out PDD

Ugh. Your parrot is sick and the avian veterinarian suggests ruling out PDD or another wor
Sick Parrot
how to tell if a parrot is sick

8 Ways to Tell if Your Parrot is Sick and What To Do About It

Parrots, like most birds, instinctually hide illness from their flock as a form of surviva