6 Things I Learned From My Parrot

6 Things I Learned From My Parrot

You love your parrot for a reason.  The magical beauty that it holds is a blessing.  I've learned from my parrot some very important life lessons.  What have your learned from your parrot?
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We all tend to drown in life from time to time. The daily grind. Work responsibilities. Home responsibilities. The stress of it all gets boring and demanding.

Remember when life used to be an adventure? What happened to those days? Well, look to your parrot for how to find happiness.
That's why we love parrots and why we keep them as members of the family. Their mischievous nature and chatter is infectious and brings a smile back on our face.

As a matter of fact, we can learn a lot about ourselves, and about life for that matter, from our birds. There's just something behind those bright eyes that seems to shine a deeper wisdom and sometimes they even appear to be just as amused by our “oh-so-seriousness” as we are by their impish nature.

So, viewing life through the eyes of my little feathered guru, here are six things that I've learned from my parrot.

1. Feed the Inner Child and Play.

Balance is the key to a happy and healthy life and that includes a dose of good old fashioned playtime. This is the first item on our list because it tends to be the first thing that gets forgotten when we start taking things too seriously.

Just watch your parrot. He needs no reason to play and no need to plan it into his schedule. He doesn't skip playtime because his schedule is too busy. When the mood strikes, he plays and he plays with complete abandon. He plays for the simple joy of playing. Whether it means dancing a jig, tormenting the family cat, or banging around his latest Beakasaurus Wood Toy, he enjoys every minute - oblivious to everything else. And we love it! We get absorbed in all that joy and join in. It's utterly irresistible. And every moment we spend laughing at the antics or whistling along to whatever tune he's chosen, we are simply having fun and relaxing in the moment. Plus, we’re bonding with our buddy.

2. Family is important.

Most birds, and particularly parrots, are social creatures just like us. They require the bond of the flock to be happy, relaxed and healthy. Did you know that parrots mate for life? In the wild, parrots spend all of their time flying, preening, foraging and interacting with other parrots. Our family parrot considers us as his flock. Deprived of daily interaction with family, parrots as well as humans, can become depressed or develop behavioral problems or sad, unhealthy habits. It's a good reminder that we all really do need each other to be healthy and happy and we should neglect those bonds for any reason at any time trouble is around the corner. Family is our very foundation.

3. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Remember the first time your parrot repeated your favorite phrase, even if you didn’t know you said it all the time?

Your heart almost burst with joy and delight. Even though not all parrots learn to talk, most do imitate sounds they are attracted to in their environment. This teaches us to be alert and aware of our own surroundings and to celebrate and hold close those things that make us happy. It also teaches us to share that joy with others. And, it can also teach self-observation

4. Be colorful.

Be bold.  Be loud. And, be colorful.

It's how to stand out in the world. We love our parrots for that brilliant splash of noisy color they add to our lives. And to be colorful, inside and out, you also have to maintain proper health and nutrition. In the wild, parrots are foragers, which means that they have a wide and diverse diet. Domestic parrots don't have that advantage. And, just like humans, sometimes parrots develop awful eating habits. If yours is one of those, then giving him a good bird vitamin, like Avivita Plus, or another multipurpose bird supplement. It's a safe reminder that a proper and varied diet is important for good vitality. And if our bodies are vibrant, then we are too. So like our feathered-friend we can be a splash of color in the world.

5. Spread your wings.

To see a parrot spend its life constantly stuck in a cage is a sad thing. One who is kept in such a way, always behind bars, appears sad and depressed, and many times has behavioral problems like feather plucking. It pulls at the heart to see such a beautiful creature in such a state and is a good reminder that if we don't let our parrots spread their wings they're being denied a big part of their nature.

And just like that bird, we too need to be able to spread our wings, to get out, to move around and to experience what life has to offer. No cage should hold a parrot all of the time and the same goes for us humans. Be sure to let your parrot out onto a secure cage-top perch or bird stand so he can feel the open spaces around him and he'll remind you to do the same. Hey. How about a bird leash and you both can enjoy the world together?

6. All you need is love.

At the end of the day, love rules the roost. Without it, parrots and humans alike would perish. The affection and joy we share with our feathered friend helps to keep our hearts open and provides a constant reminder that when you give love and kindness, love and kindness is returned. At the end of the day, it's the warmth of love that makes everything worthwhile.

So, your parrot is so much more than just a pet. He's your comrade, your friend, and more importantly an unexpected teacher. He has wisdom to share with you if you take the time to see what he's offering to you. It may not come in the form of a discourse much beyond "I love you" but his actions and approach to life can teach us a lot about a healthy approach to our own. This is why we love parrots. They remind us at the end of a long day: don't forget to play, spend time with your family, pay attention to what makes you happy, be colorful, spread your wings, and above all else, love.

So there you have it..  Things I learned from my parrot. What have you learned from your parrot?  Share a comment with your friends.