bird grooming
Grooming a Parrot

Perfecting Your Bird Grooming Skills

When it comes to your beloved bird, grooming is like a spa day, ensuring they're happy and
How to do a Time Study for Parrot Feather Plucking
Feather Plucking Series

Discover Why Your Bird is Misbehaving With a Time Study

You've learned that behavior modification for parrot feather plucking works. Good job! But
Self-Mutilating African Grey Parrot

Self-Mutilating African Grey Parrot Question and Answer 06/06/2018

As flock animals, hand-reared African grey parrots are prone to plucking and self-mutilati
feather picking

The Parrot Hierarchy of Needs

Have you ever wondered how to insure that you are meeting all of your parrots needs?  Lear
Parrot Bird Collar
bird collar

How to Train Your Parrot to Wear a Bird Collar

Have you been wondering how to get a bird to wear a collar?  Learn how to train a bird to
How To Give A Parrot A Bath
bathing your bird

How To Give A Parrot A Bath

Ever wonder why your parrot needs frequent baths for its health—and yours, too? Here's how
How To Choose A Bird Carrier For Car Travel
bird carrier

How To Choose A Bird Carrier For Car Travel

There are dozens of bird carriers on the market, but if you're taking a road trip, choose
African Grey
african grey food

African Grey Food Pellet

All parrot's have unique nutritional needs and African Grey Parrots are no different.  Fin
Tiny Bird Toys that Parrotlet's Love
parrot problems

Tiny Bird Toys that Parrotlet's Love

Parrotlets are from South America, very close to the equator.  These feisty little birds l