by Diane Burroughs August 04, 2016 3 min read

By Diane Burroughs

If you love and own pet birds, you've come to realize just how messy they are!  Birds not only toss their food and poop like clockwork, but they endlessly emit dust and dander into the air, too  Remember that dust on powered down birds is a sign of a healthy bird. But, never the less, it causes a mess in your home HVAC system and duct work.  Its important to know how to give a parrot a bath to keep your house clean and allergies at bay.

Not only that, but routine parrot baths are good for your birds skin health and for your breathing health, too.  Dust can cake on a birds skin causing irritation and itching.  Lack of proper parrot hygiene has been cited as one of the contributing factors to feather picking.  And, if you have asthma or allergies, breathing in feather dust can cause you breathing difficulties.  That's why you've got to know how to give a parrot a bath.

Bathing a parrot is easy!

My Swiffer Duster really is no contest for oily feather dust.    The oily feather dust is sort of waterproof so that it repels water and thereby keeps a wild or outdoor bird from getting soaked and chilled.  That same oil makes bird dust stick to everything, though.  The more you bathe your bird, the more of that messy dust goes down the drain.  Drain enzymes help break down the dust and keep your drains flowing.

At, we've got 3 Powder Down birds, birds that essentially throw off an oily based dust that can cake everything in sight.  In order to manage the endless mess, we've developed a bathing routine for our birds.

How To Give A Parrot A Bath

Schedule Bathing Procedure

We offer a fresh water bath for each of our birds daily.  The easiest way to bathe our birds is with a shower perch.  

The heavy duty suction cups stick to a smooth surface shower wall. Our birds love the warm, gentle spray of a shower and we love washing feather dust right down the drain.

 Weekly About once a week, we use Natra Pet Bird Bath Spray to loosen more stubborn dust and debris from individual feathers.  This product contains Vitamins A, D & E as well as natural preening oils to moisturize the skin.  We notice that our birds feathers are much cleaner, softer and more vibrant in color after using the bath spray.  The natural preening oils promote healthy preening and relieve itchy skin. 
Monthly (or less) Every once in a while, and certainly no more than once a month, we do a deep conditioning style bath using Parrot Shampoo. The parrot ph balanced, low suds lather deeply cleans and conditions each feather thoroughly and its gentle on the skin, too.  Parrot shampoo cleans heavily soiled feathers and more thoroughly removes the protective dust - so you definitely don't want to over do it.  We use it before a vacation when our birds will be in the car for a long trip or when our birds have become very soiled for one reason or another - like Smokey bathing in a dirty water dish.



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