Bonding with your bird
calming a parrot

How To Achieve A Healthy Bond With Your Pet Bird

Help your pet feel part of the family flock, while preventing a mate-like bond is imperati
bird stress
Birds Stress

5 Essential Ways To Reduce Bird Stress

Bird stress is a real thing.  Our companion birds experience a lot of day to day stress th
Calming bird tea for parrots
avibios bird probiotics

What's in UnRuffledRx Calming Bird Tea and How It Helps Your Bird?

Our Calming Bird Tea is chock full of adaptogen herbs that supports a calm mood and other
Avain Calming Formula for Parrot Stress
calming a parrot

Feather Plucking Series: Parrot Calming Formula & How Much To Give

If your bird suffers from stress or anxiety, or it's been diagnosed with behavioral feathe
calming anxious birds
calming a parrot

The Dos and Don'ts of Calming Nervous Birds

Birds are amazing pets. But an anxious bird can be downright troublesome. Luckily, there a