Electrical cords are something parrots chew

5 Weird Things Parrots Chew

Parrots need to chew, it's just part of their nature.  But, sometimes a bird will chew something dangerous, harmful or even precious!  Check out the 5 weirdest things parrots have been known to chew. Do you have  weird bird chewing story?  Please share!
Parrots are amazing animals and even greater pets. However when it comes to playing around, my birds chew everything. All birds do.  It’s just in their nature.

My parrots are a slightly sneaky and incredibly inquisitive. I love them dearly, however, if I don't supply them with bird toys, I am afraid they’d eat me out of house and home.  Literally. There are many things in my home that my parrots thought would be either tasty or fun to chew and you would not believe some of them.

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· Electrical Cords: Smokey stuck his beak in an electrical outlet once when I was in middle of moving. (I guess he thought he could get super powers) He got a nasty burn that took a month to recover from.  Always parrot proof your home.

· Furniture Must Look Like One Big Bird Toy.  Left unsupervised, my birds have been known to chew up piping on furniture, put some nice nicks in wood and Peachy even chewed up the door frame AND my dining room chair before I could stop him.

· The Carpet.  Smokey is incredibly stealth and every time he notices that our bedroom door is left ajar, he rushes in and hides under the bed or dresser hoping to make a nest.  I had it patched once, but… well, let’s just say I have to make a habit of keeping the door shut!

· Any Snack of Mine I Leave Out.  Oh my does Timmy love my Nutter Butters or anything that might inadvertently be left out on the counter.  My birds are very adept at climbing up bar stools to get to the kitchen counter, or even up my coffee tables to nibble on my snacks.

· Every Remote Control That’s Ever Been Left Out.  Ever! You know, cable may offer 300 channels or more, but try changing stations when all the numbers and buttons have been nibbled to nubs on the remote.

Peachy at the door frame!

Your Bird Will Find Wood To Chew If It Doesn't Have Enough Wood Toys[/caption] While parrots chewing things up is expensive, scary and frustrating, I view my parrot’s chewing activities as a sign of a healthy bird.  And, I have to think back of why I fell in love with parrots in the first place – their playful, intelligent and inquisitive personalities.  I know that my birds have a need to chew and that is why I give them plenty of safe bird toys and  treats and keep my eye on keep my eye on them, as much as possible.

If you care about your bird’s safety, your home and your stuff, make it a point to parrot proof everything.  Birds are as inquisitive as a toddler and as smart as a kindergartener, with a strong beak that can damage even your favorite furniture.

Sometimes when I’m wondering if all the expense of bird toys is worth it, I realize that my birds will find something to chew up to shreds if I don’t supply safe and stimulating bird toys.  And that something could be life threatening to my bird or me. I’ve found that refillable, foraging toys keep my flock busy for hours.  But, so do clunky wood toys.  The smaller girls love Planet Pleasures Bird Toys.

If you are not a parrot owner yet but you plan to get a pet parrot in the future, be prepared to have some things chewed up. Just remember no matter what you should never hit your parrot to discipline your bird for chewing stuff, but instead putting your pet parrot back in their cage and resolving to get your bird safe chew toys is a better solution. Chewing for parrots is a sign of a healthy mind and body. So, do not expect your parrot not to chew anything up as if they didn’t there may be a sign that something was wrong with them! Just be sure to give your parrot plenty of bird toys to play with and understand that supervised out of cage time is important.  Then, life will be good!