Parrot Probiotics - What's all the Squawk?

Parrot Probiotics - What's all the Squawk?

What Are Probiotics For Birds?

What’s the squawk about Parrot Probiotics, you ask?

Most of us know that probiotics are designed to treat digestive upset like diarrhea.  But are they healthy for your bird? In short, yes, if they are avian specific. As a matter of fact, some avian vets recommend feeding probiotics to your pet bird’s year around.

Parrot probiotics, a highly concentrated source of beneficial bacteria, keep your birds intestines healthy and balanced minimizing the effects of harmful bacteria. It’s the harmful bacteria that cause diarrhea and other digestive upsets resulting in an inability to absorb nutrients. Administer per package directions.

All animals have billions of beneficial bacteria in their digestive system as well as harmful bacteria.  Birds are no exception. Helpful bacteria aid actually aid the digestion process and help in nutritional absorption.   Without beneficial bacteria, our guts would become over-populated with harmful bacteria that can make us sick.  It is thought the beneficial bacteria in the gut is species specific.  So, you wouldn’t want to give your bird human grade probiotics, or those developed for use in dogs.  Avian vets suggest that Avian specific probiotics be used for our pet birds.  Or better yet, psittacine specific probiotics. it is good to introduce avian specific probiotics such as AviBios, to your bird’s diet.

When Should I Use Probiotics With My Parrot

Any time that your bird is on antibiotics or it gets stressed, it provides an opportunity for the harmful bacteria to take over.  This could be anything from a fright to a molt to a broken blood feather.  When your bird is on antibiotics, both beneficial and harmful bacteria are eradicated, at which time, more robust harmful bacteria take over the gut unless you provide assistance with avian specific probiotics.

According to Margaret Wissman, DVM Avian Specialist, “My own birds, both pet and breeders, all receive probiotics on a daily basis, year-round. Studies have shown that birds receiving probiotics may be able to fight challenges from bacterial organisms better than those that do not get them.” 

Shouldn't you be providing your parrots with probiotics?


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