by Diane Burroughs November 11, 2020 3 min read

Now that the holiday season has officially kicked off, it is time to start planning for a stress-free holiday season! 

While holidays are always fun and exciting, pet parents need to be on guard and keep a close eye on their pets. Holidays bring with them potential stress an dangers for birds and other household pets. 

So, it’s best to always be two steps ahead and prepare for all possibilities.

In this blog post, we wanted to go over five tips to prepare your bird for the holidays. We’ll also go over a few safety tips.  

Here are 5 Tips to Prepare Your Bird for the Holidays 

Stress-free holiday tips for birds

Here are some tips that’ll help you prepare your feathered friend for the holidays.

1.  Give Your Bird Plenty of Exercise

Exercise is an integral part of your bird’s daily routine. Exercise stops your feathered friend from becoming overweight, but just as important, it helps reduce boredom (and the behaviors that come with it).

Your bird will feel content, happy, and well cared for if you ensure it gets plenty of exercise. 

You can make exercise fun by using toys and playing games with your parrot! But, the  best way is to get a play stand and keep your bird near the family. Your family members can also join in!

2.  Plan Ahead With Travel

If you’re planning on visiting family over the holidays, make arrangements well in advance. You’ll first have to figure out whether or not your bird will be joining you on the trip.

  • If you’re taking your bird along, you should look into how to travel in the car with your bird.
  • If you won’t be able to take your bird along, research boarding or ask someone to look after your bird. 
  • If your bird is one that gets depressed when you're gone, set up its cage area with a smart TV and make video's of the family to play when you're gone.


Stress-free holiday tips for birds

3.  Create a Comfy, Safe Space

Most years, you’ll probably have a lot of people over at your home during the holidays. Some birds find a lot of action to be stressful.  If that's the case with your feathered friend, needs to get some quiet time off in a comfortable and safe space.

Try to create a human-free safe space that your bird can retreat to and make sure no one bothers it. Make sure you put things your bird likes in it--like its favorite toys. 

This will help your bird stay calm and stress-free while you’re entertaining your guests.  

4.  Ensure Plenty of Sleep

Sleep is as important for your bird as it is for you. Holidays can be stressful for your feathered friend, too! It may not be easy for your bird to fall (or stay) asleep with all the people around. 

The safe, quiet, and dark spacewill help your bird get the rest it needs!

Try to make sure everyone respects your bird’s boundaries when it is in the safe space and doesn’t disturb it. Keep little kids away if they stress your bird out or disturb its sleep.

5.  Try Supplements for Stress

Stress can lead to destructive behaviors like plucking and aren’t good for your bird’s overall health and well-being. You can try supplements such as the Loose Organic Chamomile Flowers to help keep your bird calm.

Bonus: Holiday Safety Tips for Birds

While we’re on the topic, let’s go over some holiday safety tips as well:

  • Make sure your bird doesn’t get into the Christmas Tree.  It could swallow small Christmas tree decorations and that would be a disaster.
  • Keep your bird away from candles and other open flames. A lot of candles put off a fragrance which is not good for birds. 
  • Tell guests that chocolate is toxic to birds! Not many people know that and might unintentionally harm your bird.

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