UnRuffledRX Soft Fleece Bird Collar - Slip On Style

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    Soft Bird Collar, Slip-On Style

    This Slip-on UnRuffledRx Soft Bird Collar is a comfortable flexible barrier to protect mild feather pluckers. It’s also great for bird's recovering from minor wounds. 

    This collar has a solid colored base and a patterned top.

    Key Benefits of this Bird Collar

    • Softly drapes over body to provide a barrier to feathers and skin
    • Comfortable to wear while recovering from injury or surgery 
    • Three layers of fluffy fleece
    • Machine washable (Please use Woolite or other baby safe detergent)
    • Easy, "trim to size" for customizing the fit
    • Note: Colors may vary from those shown and may change seasonally.
  • More Info

    We recommend that you contact your Avian Vet for a full examination to determine the potential cause of your bird's feather plucking behavior. In addition, to protect your bird from plucking feathers use a soft bird collar.

    A bird collar alone will NOT resolve a plucking problem. By the time most caretakers make the choice to use a bird collar, the problem has likely turned into a habit.  You are encouraged to combine use of a bird collar with calming supplements, wellness strategies, improved parrot husbandry, resolution of medical problems and behavior modification. 

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Customer Reviews

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Fit: Just Right
Quality: Great
The only thing that works

Our Moluccan Cockatoo has physically recovered from a tricky bacterial skin infection but has become a chronic plucker, and will rub at his chest until he has an open wound. Other than breaks for showers or when we can closely supervise him, he is probably in a collar for life. We have tried all sorts of collars, but the slip on version is the only thing that works. He knows all about velcro. These collars last about 6 weeks before they are so battered that we replace them. He can fly and climb without problems, and doesn't even object much when we put it back on him. Please note that we use this collar in conjunction with a stretchy gauze 'turtleneck'. The Slip-on collar goes over the gauze and prevents him from reaching his chest feathers.

Fit: Just Right
Quality: Great
Certainly works

It does the job!

Don't get me wrong, my Hahn's HATES it, but a few days of slowly putting it on her more and more and she's accepted it as her fate. I take it off every day for about an hour just to give her time to preen, eat some food with her feet, and usually she manages to pluck just one feather.... but it's a process.

Fit: Just Right
Quality: Great
Heaven sent

After going through several plastic e collars that my parrot destroyed and dealing with a miserable bird I ordered the fleece collar. Easy to put on and take off but my bird was unable to take it off herself. It made her healing process so much easier and she didn’t seem to mind it too mich

Fit: Just Right
Quality: Great

These collars are the perfect solution for a bird that’s plucking.
I’ve never seen anything quite like them - what a wonderful alternative to medicating your bird. Most of the ‘calming’ supplements I’ve tried do not stop picking behavior. Depending on the type of bird, it can be a challenge to get the collar on, but it just means they need more time. My African Grey is very hesitant to get close to it but my Senegal wanted to carry it around!!
The collars are beautifully made; anyone who’s ever done any sewing will appreciate the work & materials that go into creating them.

Fit: Just Right
Quality: Great
Why didn't I think of That?

Love the collar. Attention to detail and almost a toy to keep my little Goffins cockatoo busy!