Huggle Soft Neck Collar for Severe Feather Plucking

✔ Premium, protective bird neck collar that is designed for active birds 

 Much more comfortable that stiff plastic collars

  Strong "hook & loop" attachment that's easily reinforced with optional moleskin


    All bird lovers worry when their bird develops bald spots from plucking. But there’s a good bird collar out there for this. Our Huggle Neck Bird Collar is a strong collar that protects many of the more difficult-to-protect body parts while still being one of our least restrictive bird collars, allowing your bird to get through most of its day without a hitch.

    If you need to keep your bird away from its preferred plucking spots, this robust yet lightweight bird collar is just what you need. This neck brace can be adjusted to restrict your bird's reach. It will still allow him to move about and see his surroundings. So your bird can still enjoy activities of daily living.

    Does your bird want to keep plucking despite all your efforts? Try the Huggle now!

    Made with a cuddly-thick foam insert, athletic-grade lycra, stiffeners, and plenty of industrial-strength Velcro, the Huggle provides just the right amount of protection that heavy pluckers need to stay safe, without the misery of those nasty, rigid plastic collars birds hate.

    Are you worried about how your bird will deal with this bird vest? That's why I want to give you a FREE copy of my ebook describing how to stop feather plucking so your bird can get back to being happy and stop ripping its feathers out. 

    Size Measurements Bird's weight range
    XSmall 1" x 6.75" x .5" thick 25 - 125 gm.
    Small 1" x 6.75" x .5"  thick 125 - 250 gm.
    Medium 1.5" x 8.75" x .75"  thick 250 - 450 gm.
    Large 2.5" x 9" x .75" thick 450 - 850 gm.
    X-Large 3" x 10" x 1"  thick  850+ gm.
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Washing Your Bird Collar

You might want to buy two collars so you can always have a clean one available to put on while you wash the soiled one. 😋😇🐦🥒