Pak-O-Bird Backpack Bird Carrier -
bird backpack carrier
Pak O Bird Backpack Carrier
Pak-O-Bird Backpack Bird Carrier -
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Embroidered Name On Bird Backpack
Embroidered Name On Bird Backpack
Pak-O-Bird Backpack Bird Carrier
Pak-O-Bird Backpack Bird Carrier


Pak-O-Bird Backpack Bird Carrier

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Get ready for feathered fun like never before with the Pak-O-Bird bird carrier! It's not your ordinary bird backpack – it's an adventure waiting to happen. Whether biking, hiking, or exploring new places, make sure your bird travels in style and comfort. Time to level up – choose Pak-O-Bird for your feathered sidekick!

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✔ This bird backpack features a durable luggage-grade design, stainless steel mesh windows for fresh air-flow

  Thoughtful safety features including back loops for secure car seat belt attachment, auto-lock zippers to prevent escapes, and two reflective strips for nighttime visibility ensure safety in the Pak-O-Bird carrier.

  Versatile and comfortable, the Pak-O-Bird bird carrier features plush, thick shoulder straps for front or back carrying, complemented by a convenient carrying handle.

Discover ultimate freedom with our premium bird backpack! Ideal for travel, hiking, biking, and more. Embark on unforgettable adventures together! Prioritize your feathered friend's safety and comfort on every adventure. Unparalleled luggage-grade quality. 🐦✨ 

The lightweight, hands-free, and made for busy, social birds. With impeccable attention to detail, you can trust that this bird backpack is the top-of-the-line when it comes to functional features like a water bottle holder, seat belt loop, and pull-out, washable tray.

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Take Flight Into Epic Bird Adventures

The Pak-O-Bird backpack is a game-changer, perfect for hiking, biking, and all your feathered outings. It's not just a travel buddy; it's a cozy haven for vet visits, quick evacuations, and even doubles as a sleep cage! Your bird deserves the best, so why not turn every day into a tweet-worthy tale with Pak-O-Bird? Grab yours now and let the feathered fiestas begin! 🌈🐦✨

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The Most Versatile Bird Carrier Ever

Embroidered Name On Bird Backpack

Biking With My Buddy

Biking with the Pak-O-Bird carrier is a joyride for both you and your feathered friend! The secure and comfortable design ensures that your bird can enjoy the wind in its feathers while you pedal through adventures together. 🚴‍♂️🐦✨

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Trudy's Dining Delight

Taking Trudy out for a bite in her Pak-O-Bird carrier is a delight – she gets a front-row seat to the dining scene while staying safe and snug. It turns every meal into a feathered fiesta, making our outings together not just about the food but also the fantastic company! 🍽️🐦✨

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Hiking Is A Blast!

"I feel safe hiking with this bird backpack. My bird enjoys the thrill of nature with the comfort of their own portable perch. Hiking's a blast with the Pak-O-Bird! Turn every outdoor adventure into a feathered joyride – it's a total breeze!" 🏞️🐦✨

Uncaged Freedom

With the Pak-O-Bird, outdoor time is a feather-friendly fiesta! Keep your bird safe and soar through outdoor adventures worry-free – it's like giving them wings for every escapade. 🌳🐦✨

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Discover the Ultimate Bird Backpack Experience!

Feathered Fun On-the-Go

Thrilling Adventures: The Pak-O-Bird backpack offers a secure and cozy haven for your winged pal with breathable stainless steel mesh & roll-up curtains.

Comfortable &Versatile: With cushy shoulder straps and the option to wear it on your front or back, this bird carrier ensures a comfortable and flexible travel experience for both you &your bird.

Safety Features: Auto-lock zippers, reflective tape and seat belt loops keep your bird secure during outings.

Effortless Maintenance: The easy-to-clean design allows you to keep your bird's travel haven fresh and ready for the next adventure.



Pak O Bird Backpack Carriers are made with care at a family-owned factory. Small batch production, they usually ship in 2-3 weeks.

Certainly! We offer worldwide shipping, and the applicable shipping costs will be calculated and added during checkout. While our carriers typically navigate customs seamlessly, please note that the standard perch is a real branch, which might require replacement in certain countries.

Product Questions

Our exclusive product features stainless steel mesh for optimal safety, mosquito resistance, and ventilation. While robust, aggressive chewers may cause screen damage, worry not – repair services are readily available. For longevity, always ensure the product lies flat to prevent any crinkling of the screen.

Admittedly, we haven't outsmarted our feathered friends, and it's doubtful we ever will. To minimize potential mischief, consider parking the zipper up high, as birds are less likely to arch backward in an attempt to open the carrier. Be mindful of chewing around the lower center front opening and the inside strip near the cups, though rest assured, any damage won't compromise the carrier's structural integrity. Repair services are available for a modest fee.

Give your bird's favorite toy a hangout spot! Just tie it to the two D-rings on each interior side panel and secure it to the little rings on the floor nearby. It's a cool way to keep your feathered friend busy and prevent any carrier chewing. And for those big-time chewers, throw on the wide panel set to cover the front mesh zipper and seam – extra protection, no worries! 🐦🧸✨

Each Pak-o-Bird brings two 5-oz. stainless steel cups for your bird's food and water – fancy, right? And for an easy water refill, we've got a big grommet on one side, so you can attach a strap-on water bottle from the outside. Keeping your feathered buddy fed and hydrated – we've got it covered! 🥣💦🐦

For storage convenience, simply unzip the carrier, allowing it to open flat. Plastic warps with weight over time. When the carrier is not in use, unzip the entire carrier, detach the support panels and store it in a flat configuration.  

Please note that creases created in the stainless steel mesh are not reversible, try to roll the mesh smoothly and avoid bending it.

Daily maintenance is a breeze – just open the bottom without detaching any pieces. For a more thorough cleaning opt for cold water and a mild detergent, like Dawn. Gently wipe down with cold water to prevent shrinkage and let it air dry for a pristine finish.