BeakGuard Bird Vest For Self Mutilators

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Owning a parrot is one of life's great joys. That said, taking care of one can be challenging. In fact, caring for a bird can become very tricky when they start self-mutilating their own skin or plucking their feathers out -- oftentimes due to physical or emotional stress.

You want to protect your bird but you can't put it in a suit of armor. Thankfully, there are products and supports that are specially made to meet these needs. Such as Beakguard Bird Vest with a Kevlar® insert. This bird vest will allow your bird to go about normal parrot activities while protecting its delicate chest and back. Safely.

Some very determined birds can poke their pointy beak through the Kevlar®. You may want to protect the vest with some moleskin. This bird vest can also be stacked with any of our cone collars or neck collars.

Please plan to observe your plucking bird to make sure that it is adapting well to its new bird collar. When your bird is stripped of its coping mechanism - which is a lot like biting fingernails but worse - it can act up with depression or anxiety.

Are you worried about how your bird will deal with this bird vest? That's why I want to give you a FREE copy of my ebook describing how tostop feather plucking so your bird can get back to being happy and stop ripping its feathers out. Just scroll down for the link.

Size Girth x Height Bird's weight range
Small 10" x 4.75" 225 - 275 gm.
Medium 12" x 5" 275 - 450 gm.
Large 13.5 x 6" 450 - 850 gm.
X-Large 18" x 6.5"  850+ gm.


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Washing Your Bird Collar

You might want to buy two collars so you can always have a clean one available to put on while you wash the soiled one. 😋😇🐦🥒