BeakGuard Bird Vest
BeakGuard Bird Vest For Self Mutilators -
BeakGuard Bird Vest For Self Mutilators -
BeakGuard Bird Vest For Self Mutilators -
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BeakGuard Bird Vest for Self-Mutilators

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Tired of returning home to find your feathered friend injured and in distress from bird self-mutilation? Guard against this heartbreaking experience with our protective BeakGuard Vest Combo. Take a step to successfully manage the challenge of bird self-mutilation and bring joy back to your bird's life.


✔ Empower your bird with our premium Kevlar® Bird Vest, a lifeline for those facing chest or back self-mutilation.

✔ Offering a gentle, reassuring embrace to quell anxiety, fear, and compulsive behaviors.

✔ Secure with confidence using the robust 'hook & loop' fastening that can be fortified with optional moleskin adhesive.

✔ Your purchase comprises a Beakguard Bird Vest and FREE invaluable recovery guide from a compassionate bird behaviorist. Act now for a brighter tomorrow!"

Protect your self-mutilating bird with the Beakguard Bird Vest. This bird vest is made with 2 layers of cozy fleece with a Kevlar® insert! 

The Beakguard Bird Vest has been specifically designed to protect birds that chew holes in their chest.  It can be stacked with the Fringy Cone or the Fringy Neck for added protection of the vent, tail, legs, and feet. Got a chewer? Cover the chest area with moleskin for added protection.

Find Your Size

How to measure the beakguard vest
Size VEST GIRTH & HEIGHT Bird's Weight Range
Small 10" x 4.75"  225 - 300 gm.
Medium 12" x 5" 300 - 575 gm.
Large 13.5 x 6" 575 - 925 gm.
X-Large 18" x 6.5"  925+ gm.

Once you've identified the appropriate size for the bird vest, the fringy collars will fall within the same size range.

What Other's Are Saying

Lisa L.

Finally, Protection for Bird Self-Mutilation

My Moluccan has been plucking/mutilating for 10+ years and I have found little that helps. I had been using a vest from another company but the fit was never quite right and he could get under it. This vest fits much better and he doesn't chew at it nearly as much. Thank you for an excellent product!
UnRuffledRx Parrot Calming Bundle for Bird Anxiety

Pairs Well With

Bird Calming Bundle

Discover the secret to soothing your bird's compulsive urges with our Bird Self-Mutilation Combo paired with our Bird Calming Bundle. Expertly formulated with natural adaptogen herbs, these solutions work hand in hand to bring comfort, hope, and peace to your feathered friend's world.

Got Questions?

Product Questions

Bird self-mutilation usually develops over time many of these birds have been introduced to bird collars. This combo is trying to protect your bird from dangerous self-destructive behavior. If your bird is new to collars, construct a bird rehabilitation cage, to maximize your birds safety while introducing this combo.

We try to offer our collars in soothing colors that match their plumage. Our best sellers are light blues, yellows, and grey.

However, there continue to be supply chain issues and many fabric patterns change seasonally, so our color offerings may be limited from time to time.

Birds, equipped with sharp beaks that can crack open nuts and nimble feet, can be quite destructive, posing a challenge in potentially destroying bird collars.

In particular, birds with self-mutilation tendencies can be relentless in trying to remove collars to feed their addictive compulsion.

Recognizing this risk, we strongly advise a proactive stance: reinforce collars with bird-safe bitters and fortify closures with durable moleskin.

To further safeguard against there determined efforts, consider additional measures like having a Saf-T Shield on hand, using over the counter bird calming supplements, or exploring prescription grade medications to calm the compulsions.

Vigilance and creative solutions will help ensure the effectiveness of the collars in curbing self-mutilation behaviors.

If you're considering this product, chances are your bird has developed a compulsive plucking habit. Take proactive steps by downloading my book to gain insights on outsmarting your clever companion. Enhance the velcro closures with moleskin for added durability, and consider deterring collar chewing by applying a bird-safe bitter spray. Be proactive in supporting your feathered friend's well-being!

1. Explore the option of using a bird collar to interrupt feather plucking.

2. Use this bundle to address common causes associated with feather plucking.

3. Identify and eliminate triggers that lead to plucking to effectively put a stop to the behavior.

4. Implement positive reinforcement and training to teach replacement behaviors and build self-confidence.


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Customer Reviews

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Can hold up to the pressure that a spoiled cockatoo antics

Matt W.

A little big


A little big

Donna F.

Product was terrible. my bird had it on less than 6 hrs and it was destroyed. not made of material that could withstand a birds beak.
thats it


Product was terrible. my bird had it on less than 6 hrs and it was destroyed. not made of material that could withstand a birds beak.
thats it