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Fringy Soft Neck Collar

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    Notable tip: Fabric colors may change seasonally or due to supply chain issues. For example, tropical colors are changing from green to blue.

    Medium weight fleece, heavy-duty thread, stiffener insert, industrial strength hook & loop.

    Notable tip: Fabric colors may change according to season. For example, tropical colors are going to go from green to blue due to their inability to become green. 

    About This Collar:

    This bird collar is one of our most durable and effective designs. It's intended for birds that are mostly bald or that have chewed into their chest, back, or vent.

    These collars help  protect:

    • The top & underside of the wings
    • The vent area
    • Feet & legs
    • Chest & back

    Ever wish you could stop your bird from chewing itself until it hurts itself? Get your hands on our Fringy Neck Bird Collar! The semi-soft back and thick fleece layers will keep your bird safe from self-inflicted wounds.

    The Fringy Neck Bird Collar is a comfortable and safe way to keep your bird from self-harm. Unlike traditional plastic collars, this one will not interfere with your bird's mobility or peripheral vision. And, because it is a natural fabric, it's comfortable to wear.

    How to wash it: The fringy neck collar is easy to clean and maintain. Just wash in mild soapy water and lay flat to dry.

    Putting The Collar On:This Bird Collar features DuraGrip® Industrial Strength Hook & Loop, which allows for a broad range of collar adjustment and better fit. Some stubborn birds might open the hook & loop. Spray the collar with a bitter-tasting bird spray or apply Moleskin to the underside to keep the hook & loop secured.


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    Tips, tricks & advice from the pros. that include how to adjust the fit for your particular bird, click here. 

    Please be advised: Birds that habitually pluck or mutilate themselves and those that have had this habit for a long time are more prone to chewing the collar or trying to remove it.

    Plan to support acceptance with these strategies:

    1. Spray the bird collar with a bird-safe bitter spray like Bitter Apple Or King's No Chew.

    2. After placing the collar on the bird, stabilize the hook and loop closure by placing a strip of moleskin or duct tape on the underside where the two sides overlap. 

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HOW Bird Collars Help

UnRuffledRx Soft Bird Collars are the first line of defense for stopping feather plucking because they interrupt the plucking cycle. The more severe your bird’s plucking, the thicker and stiffer the collar it will need. Most birds need time to adjust to a bird collar.

Bird collars are part of a range of wellness products that support feather pluckers. They work while you work on improving your pet's diet, improve parrot husbandry, and start using behavior modification.

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WHO are soft bird collars for?

Birds (and avian vets) love our soft bird collars! They're easy to put on and wear while keeping your feathered friend safe from self-harm. With care and support, you can trust that our collars will last through all of your pet's adventures!

Trusted by Avian Vets

Ask your Avian vet about our bird collars. With over 1,000 successful cases, we've helped even severe self mutilating birds who were thought to be untreatable.


GETTING The Most Out Of A Bird Collar

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We recognize that not all bird's welcome wearing a bird collar. Behavior, medical, and socialization issues can interfere. Please view the training video below and work with your bird to accept the collar. Unopened, unused collars may be returned within 30 days of purchase for store credit toward future purchases. Return Policy

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The Ultimate Goal

Ever wonder why your bird likes to pluck its feathers? Of course, you do. Because sometimes feather plucking can mean something more serious like health problems or even anxiety.

Add another layer of support with the Feather Plucking Rescue Kit. It comes with a range of supplements that address common contributing factors to plucking.

Add the Feather Plucking Rescue Pack, and a behavior consultation to help you get to the root of your bird's feather plucking.

How do I collar train my bird?

If your bird is new to wearing a collar you'll have to train it to both accept the collar and not chew up the collar. Clicker training is the solution of choice. Watch my YouTube Video here:

How do I choose the best collar style for my bird?
What size do I need?

On the order page, look for the orange colored SIZE GUIDE right by the product price.

Most collars come in 5-7 sizes based on the birds weight in grams. If you don't have a gram scale, you can purchase one online. Amazon tends to be the most affordable place. You don't need a specialized bird scale, it just has to weigh in grams.

Your avian vet should have a weight on file, too.

What is the return policy?

Find Returns policy at

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