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6 Products To Help Your Bird Get The Sleep It Needs

Every night, it is essential that our tropical birds receive an undisturbed night's rest for ten to twelve hours. If deprived of adequate sleep, birds can become subject to significant physical and behavioral problems. Continue reading to comprehend how to guarantee your feathered companion is receiving the necessary sleep.
how much sleep do birds need?

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By: Diane Burroughs, LCSW
Revised April 25, 2023

Taking care of your pet bird isn't just about giving them healthy food, a cool cage and fun toys to play with. It's also important to make sure they get enough sleep to keep them happy, healthy, and full of life! .

How much sleep do birds need?

Taking care of your bird can be tricky - especially when it comes to sleep. You might not realize it, but your feathered friend needs about 10 to 12 hours of good rest each night. That's because most birds are from places close to the equator, where the day is pretty much the same length as the night. So, it's important to give your bird a quiet, dark place to sleep!

Birds need lots of rest so their bodies and minds can stay in sync. Without enough sleep, their hormones can get all out of whack and lead to a lot of other issues.

What time should I put my bird to bed?

Wild birds usually go to sleep as the sun sets and wake up with the first rays of light in the morning. That’s twelve hours of rest if they’re in a tropical environment.

Most of us have busy lives - getting up early for work and making sure our pets have everything they need. Then, in the evening, we have a ton of tasks to finish up. We know our pet birds are very social and don't want to leave them alone too long, so we often end up letting them stay up later than we should.

When I was going into the office, I'd get up around 5:30 am, shower, and then get dressed for my day before waking my birds up at 7 am to start their day. Then, I'd turn their lights out at 7 pm.

Do birds need a blanket at night?

Have you ever wondered if birds need blankets to sleep? Although they may enjoy cuddling with a cozy blanket, it's actually not a good idea. That's because it can cause the bird to have hormones spike up, making them think the blanket is their nest and that it's time to reproduce!

Be careful when it comes to giving your bird blankets or "bird snugglies" as gifts. These items can be dangerous to your pet since birds like to chew on the fabric, and often swallow pieces of string that get stuck in their crop. If that happens, it could cost a lot of money to take your bird to the vet for surgery.

I've heard scary stories about birds whose toes get stuck in the strings. If that happens, their toes won't get enough blood, or they might twist and turn trying to break free, which could lead to death.

Don't be tempted to buy bird sleepy huts, Happy Huts, and blankets.

Are you worried about your feathered friend getting cold during the night? A Bird Cage Snuggle-Up or ThermoPerch will make sure it stays warm and cozy all night long!

Do birds sleep standing up?

Parrots are special! Their feet are like no other birds'! Instead of nesting to sleep like other animals, they have a special kind of feet called zygodactyl feet. That means that their feet have two toes that point forward and two toes that point backward. This makes them really strong and gives them a special locking mechanism that helps keep them in place on their perch. Cool, huh?

Most birds can sit in safety for the whole night. Younger birds may need support to keep them from falling off the perch during the night. They just haven't developed the muscles to perch all night long. In that case, just lower the sleeping perch closer to the cage floor. If you have a bird with deformed or arthritic feet, you may want to do the same thing. Lower the perches This helps minimize the risk of an injury occurring should your bird fall off the perch during the night.

What should birds sleep on?

Select a bird-friendly branch from nature that your feathered friend can grab onto with their claws. We recommend a bolt-on type of perch that you can easily raise or lower. But, some birds that have issues with their feet may enjoy a platform-style perch instead./span>

6 bird sleep accessories explained

👍 Bird cage cover: A bird cage cover can give your feathered friend total darkness and help muffle noise so they can get some shut eye even when you're still up and about. Double check that there aren't any strings that your bird might try to nibble on!

👍 Heated perches: Temperature-controlled heated bird perches are a fantastic investment for your pet. They're ideal for winter weather and stay nice and toasty at a maximum of 107 degrees. It's a must-have item in any bird-owner's emergency kit! Just be sure to give your bird access to a regular perch in case the heated one gets too hot.


👍 Full day and night bird light: Bird lights help your feathered friend stay healthy by giving them the natural daylight they need to get good sleep and feel energetic during the day. They also help make sure your bird gets enough vitamin D, which is important. If your pet has night terrors, an all-day and all-night light might help them. 


👍 Sleep Cage for Parrot: Sleep cages for parrots can be useful in lots of different ways. It helps birds that are scared at night feel safe and are great for birds that feel alone when away from people. We use a clear plastic bird carrier like the one pictured below so that if we stay up late or have people over in the evening, we can put the bird in the sleep cage and take him somewhere quiet where he can have a good night's rest without being disturbed.

Bird Snugglie
Kiwi Guarding Her Bird Snugglie Nest. 
Photo by Diane Burroughs, LCSW


👎🏻 Bird Snugglie: At first, a cozy bird snugglie might seem like a nice little place for your bird to sleep in.

But the truth is they’re deadly! Birds chew on them, expose thread and strings. A lot of times they swallow the string and fibers which become lodged in their crop causing all kinds of problems.

Just as bad, some birds have been known to get their toes or even their neck wrapped around loose string and experience injury or die.

And, other birds view a bird snugglie as a nest! Then, the bird becomes chronically hormonal which can have deadly consequences.

👎🏻 Nest box: Using any type of small enclosed device that looks like a nest box isn't necessary for your normal pet bird. These items are only to be used by breeding pairs. When we offer our bird's anything that looks like a nest box, we put them in a chronically hormonal state which can lead to death.

Bottom line: for a good night's sleep for your bird, the most critical factors are how long it sleeps and whether or not she gets 12 uninterrupted hours every single night. Your bird doesn't need a cute bird snuggly.  

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