Choosing A Bird Stand For Your Parrot


What better way to enjoy your parrot than to get him a bird stand.  They’re the apple of your eye, a joy to be around and great fun each and every day for you and your family. Of course we’re talking about your parrot!  

Intelligent, quirky, inquisitive and social, parrots don’t just want physical and mental stimulation – they need it!  Bird playstands let you provide your bird both physical and mental stimulation! 

Many bird playstands help stimulate exercise by providing climbing room, toy hooks and food bowls. As he climbs about the branches, searches for treats and plays with  toys your bird will experience the sense of being out of his cage and with his flock. 

Keeping your parrot happy, healthy and amused has never been easier thanks to our wide selection of bird stands.

Why Buy Your Bird a Stand?

  • Bird PlayStands promote exercise
  • Stands permit
  • socialization with the family
  • Placing toys on a bird stand promotes mental stimulation.

When choosing a stand for your parrot, think about how and where you will use it. Will you want to take it on trips or vacations? Or, will you be using your bird stand at home, rolling from room to room?

Small parrots enjoy portable stands that are easy to move to where ever you are about your home and keep your parrot nearby. Portable bird stands are available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your individual parrots needs.  If your parrot is large you'll need to consider a bird stand that is both roomy and sturdy. Again, floor style bird stands come in a variety of styles to meet the needs of all parrots.

Any bird stand that you buy should be easy to clean and able withstand lots of parrot wing flappin' fun. Food bowls and toy hooks add to bird stand usefulness add foraging and enrichment opportunities! 

Bird stand

Questions To Ask Yourself When Buying A Bird Stand 

  1. Where do I plan to use my bird playstand?  Home? RV? In my office?
  2. Is my home designed so that I can roll a bird playstand from room to room?
  3. How wide are my door ways?  Will the bird stand that I'm interested in roll through the door way without scratching my woodwork?
  4. Does my larger parrot need a stand that is really sturdy?
  5. Does my parrot  tend to climb off of bird playstands? If so, it needs a long center pole.
  6. What is my budget for a bird stand?


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