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8 Ways to Tell if Your Parrot is Sick and What To Do About It

Parrots, like most birds, instinctually hide illness from their flock as a form of survival.  They'll hide it from you, too.  Learn how to tell if your parrot is sick in this blog post.
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Have you ever wondered - "Is my parrot sick?" Or, "Did that fall cause injury?" "Are things bad enough that I need to go to the vet?" Read this: 

Stabilizing your sick bird and when to see a vet  

Parrots are masters at hiding illness, pain, and injuries so it is really important to know how your bird normally acts and to know the signs of when a bird is sick. 

You also need to know your birds normal weight in grams.  Grams are much more accurate than ounces.  Make it a habit to both weigh your bird every week and monitor its droppings every day.

Sick or injured birds show a set of symptoms that, when you know them are easy to recognize. If you get into the habit of observing your bird each and every day, you're much more apt to catch an illness in the early phases when it is easier to treat.

How do birds act when they are sick?

  1. Fluffed feathers
  2. Not eating 
  3. Weight loss of 10%
  4. Listless behavior
  5. Inactive – not playing or vocalizing as it usually does
  6. Sleeping when you “spy on it”
  7. Unusual or limited droppings
  8. Sitting on the bottom of the cage

If your bird has any of the above symptoms, it has likely been sick for a couple of days. Remember that birds instinctively hide illness so as not to chased from the flock.

By the time your bird shows the above symptoms, it could be dangerously ill and it is in an emergency situation. These symptoms are critical, so please don’t take them lightly! 

Can a bird recover from sickness?

Most otherwise healthy birds can and do recover from being sick when you catch it early, treat them properly at home, and work with your vet.  One of the most important things that you can do to help your sick bird is learn which sick bird symptoms need immediate care and which symptoms can wait.

Another thing that you can do to help your sick bird recover is to learn how to make a hospital cage so that it in peace. A hospital cage will help your bird get the rest it needs to recover. 

Third, learn how to give a bird medicine.  Training your bird to take "medicine" from a syringe when it is healthy will come in very handy when and if you ever need to medicate it when it is sick.



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