by Diane Burroughs April 08, 2016 2 min read

My Bird Care Tip: Lily Has Seasonal Allergies

My Umbrella Cockatoo has seasonal bird allergies symptoms and has had to take a few rounds of antibiotics each year.  This procedure is stressful for the bird and sets off a series of gastric distress symptoms. I have found a way to treat my birds' allergies that have significantly decreased the frequency of having to take antibiotic treatments. This is my bird care tip.

My Bird Vet Recommended Human Grade Saline for Lily!

I get the nasal saline from my local drug store or Wal-Mart, per his recommendation.  How do you get a couple of sprays down a birds' nostrils?  Well, you don't.  You've got to out smart your bird!  Here's how I help my bird with his allergies.

  1. I wash my hands thoroughly with antibacterial dish soap.
  2. I shake excess water off of my hands and put about a Tablespoon full of saline in a little cup.
  3. I dip my sterile finger in the saline and hold the drop to one nasal hole and let him breath it in. I then do the other side.
  4. I do each nostril two to three times. He usually sneezes. It takes several minutes until it clears his nose.
  5. Immediately afterwards give him a treat of cantaloupe so that the saline does not irritate his throat or his desire to let me do the procedure.

This has definitely lessened the frequency of antibiotics he takes.

Lily does not like syringes or anything foreign coming at him to give him - - - meds etc... He wants to bite it!  Or, he thinks it is HIS toy!  He does not mind my fingers at all.

I've learned that "Trust Comes with Patience &  Time," so I suggest that you just work patiently with your bird and you will be amazed at what it allow you to do to help it.

PLEASE NOTE: Always check with your Avian Vetbefore trying ANY medical procedure.  Also note that similar to using a Medipot, sterilized solutions and sanitation are critical.

Stay tuned to find out how making sure your birds diet contains adequate Vitamin A will help prevent symptoms of Sinusitis and allergies.


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