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Equa Holistic Avian Probiotics Bird Supplement, 45 gm.

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Boost your bird's wellness with HealthyGut™ Probiotics for Birds! Crafted specifically for our feathered companions, this Avian Formula blends probiotics and prebiotics into a tasty, easy-to-serve powder. Each scoop delivers a daily dose of human-grade ingredients designed to support optimal digestion, maintain crop pH, prevent feather picking, alleviate stress effects, and assist during digestive disruptions or post-antibiotic recovery. Suitable for birds of every age!

Just like wild birds, which pass on essential probiotics to their chicks through feeding, our formula helps replicate this natural enriching process to enhance your parrot's gut health. Birds require a robust number of probiotics due to their quick-digesting systems, and our product delivers with 5 billion CFU of probiotic bacteria across 8 different species per scoop.

Give your bird the top-tier care it deserves. Click here and start enhancing your bird's digestive health with HealthyGut™ Probiotics today!

benefits of bird probiotics

5 billion CFU | 8 diverse probiotic strains

Perfect For All Ages & Breeds

Bird probiotics support crop and gut health, enhance digestion, and boost overall well-being in pet birds.