What Causes Feather Stress Bars?

What Causes Parrot Feather Stress Bars?

Parrot Feather Stress Bars

Growing new feathers is quite stressful on your birds body.  Feather growth requires massive amounts of nutrition, especially proteins, amino acids and calcium.  Low levels of Vitamin A also result in skin and feather problems.  Feather stress bars are caused when a a bird experiences stressors and / or vitamin deficiency while a new feather is growing.  

While it is common to see stress bars in chicks or baby birds, stress bars in adult parrots should be taken seriously.  If you notice stress bars on feathers, carefully think back about what stressful event may have occurred.  If you are unable to remember a stressful event, the culprit may be an inadequate diet.  More often than not, inadequate diet is responsible.

Numerous stress bars and general poor feather condition may warrant a trip to the avian vet. Your vet will want to assess wither the stress bars are related to poor nutrition or illness and help you address the cause before it becomes a chronic or serious problem.

Avian vets are specialist in bird care and they can properly advise you on bird nutrition and creating the optimum environment to help your parrot thrive.  Our long term experience with parrots has led us to stock highly recommended parrot bird foods such as Harrison's Bird Food, Organic Sprouts Bird Food and Goldenfeast Bird Food.  Check out important supplements such as adding calcium to your parrots diet or FeatherUp! Parrot Bird Feather Supplement, too.


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