What Are Manzanita Perches?

Wild Manzanita

Why is Manzanita Wood Used for Bird Perches and Bird Stands

Manzanita perches are popular for all sized parrots. Notice the significant branch variability of bush to the left?  Talk about cool twists and turns!  Manzanita bushes have natural ridges and twists creating refreshing surfaces within a short length.  Its the perfect wood for bird perches because makes a very foot healthy perch for your bird's feet. 

Manzanita grows in the Western U.S.  This very hard wood is both difficult for birds to chew and it cleans easily. Manzanita lasts a long time making it an excellent choice for parrots.  

Manzanita is an evergreen bush or small tree found in western North America.  You'll be surprised to learn there are approximately 60 species of Manzanita!   Similar to Rose Bushes, each species grows a different height, unique color and other features.  For instance, manzanita that grows in mountainous regions may be tree like and grow up to 6 feet tall while coastal species may be ground huggers that serve the purpose of holding the Californian Cliffs in place.  Manzanita Shrubs bloom winter to early spring and their berries and flowers are edible. 

Cut Manzanita decays slowly and lasts for years.  And, since it is a twisty, hard wood, it makes stimulating and sturdy bird perches.  Clean your manzanita bird perches and bird stands in the sunlight or with a strong spray from an outdoor hose or pressure washer.

 Manzanita Perch



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