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Train Your Parrot To Wave Hello

Waving Parrots
Train your bird to wave hello to bond with him and WOW your friends! Everyone loves to see bird tricks. If your bird knows the "Step Up Command" it is ready to learn how to "Wave Hello" tonight! 

Prerequisite Bird Trick: Step Up Command

Prerequisite Training Supplies: Bird training perch, clicker and bird treats

What Bird Tricks Follow?:Picking Up Object with Foot

Prepare Your Parrot Training Setting

  • Choose a quiet place to train your bird. Reduce distractions by choosing a quiet place to train your bird in which it's bird cage is NOT in view. 

  • Use a Bird Training Perch.A simple, portable bird training perch is best.  Again, reduce the distraction of bird training on your socialization bird stand.

  • Have easy to administer bird treats. Proven bird training research shows that Clicker Training Techniques for Birds techniques work best.  That means, you CLICK when the desired behavior occurs and IMMEDIATELY deliver a  bird treat that is appropriate for the birds size.

  • Keep training short and sweet. Each bird training session must be short and sweet to keep your bird engaged. Birds learn best when bird training is fun. Anticipate that your bird will have the same attention span as a 2 year old child - 30 -45 seconds - unless it has delicious rewards delivered at a quick pace.  Any negativity will make your bird lose interest.End your training session with reward for desired behavior so your bird anticipates fun and success each time it is on it's bird training perch. 

Train Your Parrot!

Perch your parrot on it's Bird Training Stand and insure him that the training session will be positive and fun by talking in a gentle, but perky voice tone. Start bird training when your bird is attentive.

  • Step 1: Give the Wave command. Facing your parrot, say "Wave!"  or "Hello!" in the same voice tone that you'll use when you want your bird to perform the trick.
  • Step 2: Present the visual "Step Up" command. Usually, this is a finger for a smaller bird and a forearm for a very large bird. Once yor bird lifts one foot, pull away - Click - Treat!  
  • Step 3: Repeat, repeat, repeat! Repeat steps 1-3 for 5-10 minutes or until just before your bird loses interest. 

Most parrots learn to wave hello in 1 - 3 training sessions but don't be disappointed if it takes longer. Don't give up if your bird takes longer! Parrots are highly intelligent and respond to short yet positive bird training which includes favorite bird treats.


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