It's A Parrot Party at Peachy

parrot screaming Peachy

Meet Peachy, Moluccan Cockatoo, 20 yrs. Old

Peachy is a male Moluccan Cockatoo and he thinks that he rules the roost around here!  We re-homed Peachy when he was 3 years old after his original family had moved and couldn't take him along.  Peachy actually picked us out.  We went to the bird store looking for a Blue and Gold Macaw, but Peachy stole the show when he kept screaming out, "Hey!!! Come Here!!"

I couldn't resist.  I was smitten, but I kept my head and did my homework on caring for Male Moluccan Cockatoo's.  It took me a month and about 12 visits to decide that I was indeed up to the challenge dealing with a lovable bird known for parrot screaming.  Peachy has rarely lived up to the scary tales about Moluccan's that abound on the internet.  Could be his disposition or that he is our large bird toy tester, so he has plenty to do at all times.  This smart guy knows several phrases that he mutters in a Halloween like guttural tone.  He waves hello and knows a few other tricks, too. 

Always full of antics and occasional surprises, after years with this guy, I've learned an awful lot about big bird care from stabilizing a sick bird to outsmarting the bird with offering fun foraging opportunities.  Peachy caught Avian Gastric Fungus in 2013 taking over 5 months to recover.  Thank goodness he did and he is as feisty as ever again!


Parrot Biting Smokey, African Grey

Introducing Smokey, CAG, 17 Years Old

Truth is that Smokey, who hatched in 1999, tries to train me.  Smokey came to the family as a beautiful chick and he continues to be in wonderful feather. 

This sort of stoic gentleman is short on words and he is smart as a whip.  You can almost see his brain wheels a turning as he figures out the 35th way to outsmart me every day. Parrot biting has been one of Smokey's issues. 

This Congo African Grey Parrot is a thinker who can figure out anything. Most of all, he figures out how to maintain his status as “king of the hill” in the house.  Smokey is my most challenging adult male bird who is constantly figuring out ways to marry me.  He keeps me on my toes in terms of insuring that I don’t do anything that translates to “parrot language” reciprocating his life-long mate intentions. 

Not one to be easily entertained with toys or fun foraging opportunities, Smokey simply hangs out on bird stands about the house and tries to figure out ways to get down on the floor and constantly seek out people.  He doesn’t care for the other flock members, petting (which is good given his mate-like bond with me) or bird toys.

I find that I’m always checking my male parrot husbandry skills, 24-7 with this guy.  But, I love him!  Because of Smokey, I’ve studied everything that I can get my hands on to learn about parrot training from actual bird training techniques to managing hormonal behavior in parrots.  You know, lights out early.  Lots of sleep, healthy diet and minimal petting. I’ve learned how to use Clicker Training for Birds with proficiency, too.  When I make sure that I’m not inducing hormonal behavior in this beautiful African Grey Parrot, he is truly fun to be around.


Timmy Posing on A Percher Stand

Say "Hello!" To Timmy, TAG, 11 Years Old

Timmy is a character!  Not sure is he’s a she or she’s a he, (I think Timmy is a she) Timmy exudes intelligence, just like Smokey. Her personality is independent yet very social. Well, let’s just say, she’s a flexible chick.

She can entertain herself with toys or anything mechanical.  Timmy always enjoys time out with the family on a bird stand.  An enthusiastic chewer and mechanic, Timmy can “self-entertain” all day long.   Timmy sort of engages on the fringe.  In other words, if I say anything enthusiastically, Timmy repeats it over and over again.  Hmm. Timmy has an enormous, sometimes flavorful vocabulary.

The first one to climb out of the cage and actually kiss me good morning each and every day, Timmy can cuddle a bit, hang out a bit, but she prefers to spend the majority of her time in the bird room figuring out mischief.  You know, opening bird cage food doors and dumping the water dish.  I’ll bet Timmy knows 300 words, often spoken in context and she is a huge baseball fan with her whistling rendition of “Take Me Out To The Ball Game.” Learn how we helped her expand her vocabulary here.


Howdy From Skeeter, Red-Bellied Parrot, 11 Years Old

Skeeter is a precious Red Bellied Parrot that we rescued because she got too old to sell. One of the few parrots that you can visually sex, Skeeter is a girl.  She loves being part of the “larger” flock but she really appreciates her own “mommy time”  and safe space to call home.  The big birds intimidate her a bit.

So, Skeeter has a cage outside of the general bird room where she watches all the “goings on” in the house, from seeing her flock through French doors of the bird room, to watching dogs chase toys.  This social little shoulder rider can test her place as a companion vs. mate if I’m not careful.  I still need to make sure that I don’t inadvertently induce hormonal, mating behavior in this sweet little feather picking parrot. I don’t want to kindle her need to breed. Yep.  Under 200 gm. She needs consistent training, enrichment and foraging opportunities.  That’s okay.  Pet birds from parakeets or budgies to cockatoos need responsible bird training. It’s right up my alley.

Skeeter is a gentle spirit.  She is quiet, peaceful and she loves her small bird toys that she can preen, chew and problem solve.  Yes, this little gal loves smaller bird foraging toys and soft wood bird toys.  She likes getting out into the sunshine, in the safety of a supervised locked bird cage outing. With several phrases, Skeeter can actually speak her mind.

RIP Mika, A Beautiful Pacific Parrotlet


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