How To Trim a Bird’s Wing Feathers

How To Trim Wing Feathers

How to Trim Wing Feathers

Needed Supplies for Trimming Wing Feathers:

  • Round tipped scissors with sharp cutting blades
  • Bird First Aid Kit with Styptic Powder
  • Clean Towel 

How to Trim Flight Feathers

  1. Using a clean towel, drape the towel over the bird's back and with one hand gently grasp the back of the head while restraining the legs and supporting the body with the other hand. Make sure to hold your bird gently enough around it's rib cage so as to not impair breathing
  2.  Using round tip scissors carefully extend the wing by grasping the front of the wing at the joint. Cut 3-5  the primary flight feathers a safe distance from the coverts. If the feather shaft is pink, it is still growing and immature.  Do not trim immature feathers. See Illustration Step 2.
  3. Repeat for the opposite wing if needed. Trimming just one wing will work for many birds and owners, while others want both wings trimmed. Be calm and gentle with your parrot as birds can get stressed easily. 
  4. Watch your parrot carefully following any wing trim to determine if you accidently cut through a blood feather.  If you notice bleeding, apply styptic gel and place your bird in a hospital cage in a quiet place until bleeding.  If bleeding continues, apply pressure and more styptic gel.  If bleeding does not subside within 30 minutes transport your bird to the avian vet. 
  5. Following wing trims, keep your parrot in a safe location until he learns that he cannot fly. Trim the wings as needed when the feathers get long enough for flight or before any evacuation.

Training for Wing Trims

Use Clicker Training to teach your bird to allow having their wings to be trimmed without restraint. It is much easier to carefully examine where to trim each feather when you are not worried about your bird getting loose.

Training for grooming and vet visits will reduce stress during important procedures that your bird needs such as restraint for a veterinary exam, nail trims, beak trims and wing trims. 


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