1st, Choose The Bird Collar Style

  1. Cone Collars attach around the neck and drape down to protect the torso. Most birds tolerate a cone collar well.
  2. Neck Collars restrict neck movement and protect hard to protect areas such as legs & feet, the vent, and under the wings.
  3. Sturdy Vests fit snuggly on the torso and protect the chest and back and are designed for chest and back mutilators.

2nd, Identify The Severity Of Your Birds Feather Plucking Problem

What That Looks Like
Feather barbering or small bald spot
A mild feather plucking problem
Lots of barbering and larger patches of bald areas
A Moderate Feather Plucking pattern
Mostly bald; May have some down feathers
Severe Feather Plucking
Chewing holes in the skin and bleeding
Mutilation is when a parrot causes tissue damage and is bleeding


Bird Collar Size Chart Final