Compare Pedicure Bird Perches Brands 

A nail trimming or  pedicure bird perches will save you lots of trips to the vet or bird groomer by keeping your parrots nails and beak in proper condition.  If you've ever held a parrot who's nails have grown sharp points, you know what its like to try to handle your parrot.  But, from the parrots point of view, could you imagine scratching an its with razor sharp nails?  Ouch! 



Safety Pumice

Pedicure Bird Perches

Sandy Pech

Pedicure Bird Perches

Polly's Perch

Pedicure Bird Perches

Quality of Sanded, Grooming Surface  Great pumice surface but must be properly sized so that your birds nails touch the pumice surfaces.  Buy from experienced online bird stores. 

Hand inspected sand insures that the pads of your birds feet are conditioned as well as the sharp toe growth.  We've used the same Sandy Perches for 6+ years and rarely have to groom our birds toenails

Reduced stress 

Bonded sand surface lasts 6+ Years of daily usage 

Save Up To $100 A Year By Eliminating Quarterly Grooming Fees.

Affordable, yet the bonding chips off quickly.  Our experience has been 6 months +/-


bird usage

Molded plastic with variable diameter and bonding agent for pumice surface withstands even large beaks from chewing off and removing
dishwasher safe.

Huge plastic attaching hardware insures a stabile perch.

Integrated sanded surface adheres to natural manzaita branch.  This parrot perch lasts years;


Dishwasher safe

Our birds have used these perches for a short time before the sanded surface chips off.

Crumbly bonded surface compromises cleaning and sanitary abilities


Variable diameter bird safe plastic surface exercises bird foot muscles.

Huge, heavy duty, rust-free attachment hardware insures a stable and inviting perching surface.

Plastic attachment hardware preserves paint on bird cage.


Manufacturer uses variable diameter real hardwood to add comfort to perching surface - increasing birds desire to use conditioning parrot perch.

Traditional nut and bolt surface may require additional stability for heavier birds or wider bar spacing; Washers tend to be a little small but they can easily be replaced with stainless steel hardware

Hand Scrapped - Adds to variability that a bird can use numerous foot joint to grasp well.

RECOMMENDED for all parrots ecept  those with more than 2 damaged toes on a foot or both feet compromised. 

Traditional nut and bolt surface may require additional stability for heavier birds or wider bar spacing


Integrated Sanding surface  Minimal to moderate perch diameter variabilty within the length of each perch but the thick, varigated bark more than makes up for it.  

Bonded sand may chip quickly


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