Choosing Toys for Your African Grey Parrot

African Grey Parrot Toys

African Grey Parrots
Very curious and intelligent, African Grey Parrots need stimulating and enriching toys. Quality bird toys should encourage exploration and problem solving. While we think of parrots as chewers and destroyers, African Grey parrots are curious problem solvers. These parrots especially enjoy parrot puzzles. 

African Grey Parrot Bird Toys
What Type of Wood Should African Grey Toys Be Made From?

When choosing wood bird toys, look at the density (how hard the wood is) and the size of the "chunk." Different birds have different beak strength.  African Grey Parrots prefer to chew up appropriate sized, medium density woods.  It the wood is too hard or to big, a finicky African Grey may ignore it. 

Educational African Grey Parrot Toys 

Foraging parrot toys and Bird Puzles are the forte of an intelligent African Grey Parrot. African Greys are intelligent and they'll figure out something to open or unlock if not provided with educaitonal or problem solving toys.  

Likewise, foraging bird toys that are designed with African Grey Parrots in mind make a parrot think.  Whether it be untying leather knots or figuring out how to manipulate acrylic bird toy parts to get to a highly desired treat, bird toys that make your pet bird think offer valuable foraging experiences.

  • Chewing for the busy medium sized beak
  • Problem-solving for the smart intellect
  • Bird toys that offer climbing and exercise are a huge bonus
  • Foraging toys that promote searching through parts or substrate

Preening & Shredding African Grey Parrot Toys

Crunchy natural plant based toys like the Planet Pleasures Caterpillar Toy shown on the left are fantastic choices for African Grey Toys.  They can preen the natural fibers until their heart is content.  If you hide nuts or dried fruit in these toys, your Grey will go nuts!

We've found that chewy or nipping, snapping textures available in sisal or leather parrot toy parts are appreciated by African Grey Parrots. In the wild, African Grey Parrots must make their own entertainment by foraging for food or items to trim their beak and whittle away the time. 

If an African Grey Parrot gets bored, it will develop behaviors that don't work in the average home environment.  Plainly put, these birds need to be around their family, have daily opportunities to figure stuff out like a mechanical engineer, and chew.  Certainly, we can't replicate the African Rainforest. However, we can learn what toys these birds like.

For the past decade, we've been fortunate enough to have beautiful African Grey Parrots in our family, so we know about how to keep them happy.   Thats why we know what toys African Grey Prrots enjoy and actually use. 

Find Toys for your African Grey Parrot, now!


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