Have you been searching high and low for Avitech Bird Supplements, including, Avitech Avicalm, AviVera, AviGlo, Featheriffic! and Cal-D-Solve?

Well, stop your worries because, under the brand name of UnRuffledRx, has come to your rescue.

As a long time provider of premium Avitech products for birds, we too, worried for our own flock and for yours, our customers, when the company terminated business.  (RIP Janelle).

By working with avian nutritionists and a well-known veterinary team,  we've developed a line of avian supplements that replicate Avitech's avian expertise, quality and avian palatability to help you maintain your precious pets health and feather condition. 

No more worries! Yay!

As long-time Avitech providers, we too came to trust the Avitech brand with our own birds, so much so, that we decided to offer a range of premium bird supplements to our customers complying with the Avitech quality standards. We're adding new bird supplements that comply with the business mission all of the time!

Our mission is simple.

We strive to holistically serve people who are in love with their parrot that damages its own feathers and supply them with premium, hand-made bird collars, safe bird supplements, trustworthy skin and feather car products, and essential behavior modification assistance. 

All UnRuffledRx Avian Supplements contain comparable or superior ingredients to those that Avitech customers have come to rely on. 


Avitech Product

UnRuffledRx Comparable


Avitech Avicalm Calming Supplement Parrot Calming Formula


Featheriffic! FeatheredUp!


Feather In FeatherSoft
Cal-D Solve Calcium, Magnesium + D3


AviVera Aloe Vera Spray
Aviglo Red Palm Oil for Parrots
---- Dried Calming Herbs for Parrots
AviVita Plus Parrot Multivitamins Plus Coming Soon