UnRuffledRx FeatherSoft Itching Parrot Treatment, 4 oz.

Do you have an itching parrot that just can't get relief? Poor baby! Itching is miserable. Get FeatherSoft Parrot Itching Treatment to give your bird relief.

Parrots, who originate from sub-tropical, humid climates, are especially prone to dry, itchy skin. Constant scratching can injure a bird's tender skin and contribute to feather plucking in birds. 

UnRuffledRx FeatherSoft helps condition your bird's skin to relieve itchy skin. It lasts  for up to 6 hours. Just mix the recommended amount with 8 oz. of  fresh water, shake, and spray.  It's okay if your bird preens after being sprayed with this plant-based product. Safe for long-term use. 

Want more relief for your scratching bird?  Get our Scratching Bird Bundle.

4 oz. jar makes 1.5 gallons, up to 500 applications

This item can't be to shipped to Australia or New Zealand.

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    Safe, Natural Bird Supplements

    Here at BirdSupplies.com, we're passionate about supporting your pet bird's unique dietary requirements. Unhealthy feathers are one of the first signs that a bird may be experiencing dietary deficiencies. Our preference is to offer natural, organic solutions as much as possible.

    Why Feed UnRuffledRx Bird Supplements?

    Confidently introduce vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, teas, and calcium supplements to your bird to support optimum health and beautiful feathers. We work with top-notch pet industry formulation specialists to ensure that your pet gets only the best. We love fresh, natural foods, supplements, & sprays (and,,so do parrots!)

    How do I give bird calming products?

    Our popular Parrot Calming Formula's active ingredients are L-Theanine & GABA, both natural amino acids in the brain that are backed by mounds of research. We recommend mixing the recommended dose, based on bird weight, to 8 oz. of fresh water. Change twice daily. Given that these are natural amino acids, if you don't see adequate results, increase the dosage up to 2X the minimum starting dose.

    Chamomile: Serve 3-5 loose chamomile flowers in a dish per day or steep into a tea.

    Calming Herb Salad for Birds: Serve 1. tsp. to 1 Tbsp. of Calming Herb Salad for birds loose in a dish or steep into a tea.

    Hemp Seed: Serve 1 tsp. to 1 Tbsp. of Hemp Seed loose in a dish or blend with chop. May be served daily.

    You may interchange calming products, for instance, serve one on Monday, a different product on Tuesday, and so forth. We don't recommend combining more than 2 calming product in one day. Always discuss use of bird supplements with your avian veterinarian.

    How do I administer FeatheredUp?

    Feed the appropriate dosage, based on bird weight, on moist food for best results. Feed 2x daily to regrow molted or plucked feathers. When pin feathers emerge, cut back to 1x daily. Don't feed on the same day that you administer Bird Calcium.

    How do I administer Bird Calcium?

    Our Bird Calcium is a complete formulation with Magnesium and D3 to improve bioavailability. While calcium deficiency is common in parrots, especially African grey parrots, plan to mix the recommended dosage, based on bird weight, in your birds water 3x per week. Don't feed on the same day as FeatheredUp!

    What is best practice for feeding Red Palm Oil & Coconut Oil to feather plucking birds?

    Both Red Palm Oil and Coconut Oil contain essential fatty acids as well as other nutrients needed for optimum avian health. Always look for cold-pressed, organic oils. Mix the recommended dosage on food 3x per week. May feed both oils on the same day.

    How do I know what "size" my bird is?

    At BirdSupplies.com, our supplements are formulated for Small, Medium, and Large birds. We use weight in grams in differentiating these sizes.

    SMALL BIRDS: 25-300 gm.
    MEDIUM BIRDS: 300-700 gm.
    LARGE BIRDS: 700+ gm.

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