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About BirdSupplies.com & UnRuffledRx


Well, Hello there from Castle Rock, CO

BirdSupplies.com started with a gal from Wichita, KS who’d acquired Peachy and Smokey, but had difficulties finding bird toys and supplies needed to offer appropriate parrot enrichment for them.
With $12,000, I created BirdSuppllies.com. I wanted to see captive parrots enjoy the levels of enrichment that their wild counterparts relish in. A couple years later, BirdSupplies.com grew to being an e-commerce leader in pet bird care.
Over the years, I became aware of the common problem of feather destruction.
In response to a growing awareness of the devastating problem of feather plucking I began consuming any research that I could find on the matter.  I realized that my clinical social work, and applied behavior analysis background was an important component to helping my customers.
In 2011, I officially dedicated the entire focus of BirdSupplies.com to feather plucking remedies for parrots. I wrote the book on The Feather Plucking Remedies Workbook, developed a line of premium parrot supplements and became a leader in developing parrot collars to help parrots worldwide.


UnRuffledRx is an extension of BirdSupplies.com, Inc.


5 Star Reviews for Bird Collars

This collar has been a life saver. This collar has been a life saver. I have tried a lot of collars and this design is constructed perfectly. My avian vet was impressed with it. It has saved my Moluccan Cockatoo life. His chest feathers are all most filled in. I feel the collar comforts him.
Thank you so much. Jaime O.