Science-backed Bird Care.

Picture how life would be for your beloved bird if they had access to nutritious food and enrichment just like their wild cousins. Your feathered friend deserves the very best care possible. So welcome to the start of a healthier, more enriching life for your beautiful feathered friend.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Diane, and I’m the founder of UnRuffledRx. A few years ago, I found myself in your shoes. I had just acquired Peachy and Smokey, but could not find the right bird toys and supplies to make their lives more enjoyable. was born out of necessity. My mission was to help parrots and their owners gain access to a whole collection of premium pet bird products that would help them both live happily ever after.

Optimal birds' health is my #1 priority

As a fellow bird ambassador, I'm sure you already know that feather-plucking is one of the most challenging issues facing birds. That’s when I decided to focus my efforts on supporting feather-plucking birds and other health concerns/problems.

My deep understanding of animal behavior, including applied behavioral analysis, coupled with my vast knowledge of bird nutrition and welfare has led me to have a thorough understanding of the complex behaviors that birds display.

Have trouble finding the right supplements for your bird? Don’t let this ruin your feathers. UnRuffledRx is the answer.

In collaboration with a food formulation scientist who has a passion for holistic pet nutrition, I create bird-friendly supplements. And, my bird collars were designed with help from avian vets. Together, we are here to provide you with soft, comfy bird collars and a line of nutritional supplements that enhance your pet's physical well-being.

So join our bird lovers' flock and watch your birds’ well-being soar!

Best Regards

Diane Burroughs, LCSW

UnRuffledRx is an extension of, Inc.


5 Star Reviews for Bird Collars

This collar has been a life saver. I have tried a lot of collars and this design is constructed perfectly. My avian vet was impressed with it. It has saved my Moluccan Cockatoo life. His chest feathers are all most filled in. I feel the collar comforts him.
Thank you so much. Jaime O.

"In protecting birds, we preserve the delicate tapestry of life – an intricate masterpiece woven by the threads of every species, each contributing its unique melody to the symphony of existence."
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How Chicky Got A New Chance On Life

Chicky's original owner brought him into the vet to be euthanized due to severe self-mutilation. In this amazing case study, learn how two bird lovers team up to save Chicky, the Rose-breasted Cockatoo from the brink of death.

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