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Two Bird Lovers Team Up To Save Chicky From The Brink


Chicky, a nervous Rose Breasted Cockatoo, was about to be euthanized until these two bird lovers teamed up to bring him back to life.

You see in 2020, his previous owner had had enough of his nervous ways.  Contant plucking and mutilation. Screaming. Hiding from human companionship, and the like.  

She packed him up in his carrier and headed to Dr. __ office.

The Challenge

When the team at __ saw him, Chicky was in terrible shape.  But, they saw that little glow in his eye's that he wasn't done yet. He had a spirit of hope.

Medical issues.

Severe anxiety. 

Previous owner was completely overwhelmed on how to care for him.

What They Did


Stabilized medically



 Constructive training approach


Infographic by Diane Burroughs, LCSW


In Closing