Tube collars support plucking parrots by restricting the bird’s neck movement, hindering it from reaching lower extremities. Because the collar covers just the neck, its minimally restrictive of daily activities of living when compared to traditional bird collars.  We offer styles from soft, minimally restrictive collars to thick, stiff styles that limit access to hard to protect areas such as legs, feet and vent. When first introducing your bird to a tube collar, please consider the following:

    ✔ Your bird will have to get used to the feel of the fabric on feathers plus the weight of the collar.
    ✔ Combine with behavior modification for best results.
    ✔ Please plan to supervise your bird for safety and encourage your bird to eat, drink and climb.
    ✔ We recommend training for acceptance for 5-7 days.

Tube Collars for Parrots

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