Bird Collars for Severe Feather Pluckers

Range of Feather Plucking Behavior

Severe Feather Pluckers are mostly bald but have no open lesions.  These birds obsessively pluck feathers as they grow in. They require behavior modification and other strategies for long term success.   

How to Manage Severe Feather Plucking

  • Collaborate with your Avian Vet
  • Provide a sturdy bird collar designed for compulsive pluckers and train birds to tolerate it.
  • Offer bird calming supplements as needed.
  • Bathe regularly and care for irritated skin.
  • Resolve environmental and parrot husbandry stressors that aggravate the problem.
  • Use behavior modification strategies for long-term success.  Please see The Feather Plucking Remedies for Birds Workbook for help.

    Bird Collar Barriers are an important part of solving feather plucking in parrots.