Birdie Bandanas

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    Reversible Birdie Bandana | Parrot Bandana

    • Use for mild parrot plucking or as a fun fashion statement!
    • Super cute, feathery looking fabric that gets birds used to wearing apparel
    • Lightweight and washable
    • Traditional knotted closure provides fun, chewing diversion 

    Take a gander at our fun, stylish Birdie Bandana!  The tie knot gives your bird something to chew o  while the bandana protects mild pluckers who've not yet developed a habit. No beads to accidentally swallow, your bird can occupy itself with the knot rather than chewing up feathers.

    Super lightweight and significantly less intrusive than a thick, heavier bird collar. the Birdie Bandana is a great way to help your parrot get accustomed to wearing apparel.

    Note: Colors may vary from those shown and may change seasonally.

    Always carefully supervise your bird when it is wearing the bird bandana.

  • More Information

    We recommend that you contact your Avian Vet for a full examination to determine the potential cause of your bird's feather plucking behavior. In addition, to protect your bird from plucking feathers use a soft bird collar.

    A bird collar alone will NOT resolve a plucking problem. By the time most caretakers make the choice to use a bird collar, the problem has likely turned into a habit.  You are encouraged to combine use of a bird collar with calming supplements, wellness strategies, improved parrot husbandry, resolution of medical problems and behavior modification.

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Bandana Cockatoo
Bandana Grey
Bandana Tropical

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Fit: Just Right
Quality: Good
Bird Bandanna

I put the bandanna on my African Grey who has been feather picking. While the bandanna was on the bird it did stop her feather picking.
However when you tie on the bandanna the grey kept pulling on the tie and chewing it to try and remove. She got tired of that and eventually stopped trying to shred it. So yes it did inhibit her from chewing her feathers.

Fit: Too Small, Too Large, Just Right
Quality: Fair, Good, Great

I purchased the medi honey for a sore that my Moluccan keeps picking at:( so far the wound is healing very quickly and effectively. I still need to put on a sweater type to help and protect the wound..would u happen to have any sweaters fot birds?

Super cute and deters my parrots chest plucking.

Super cute and deters my parrots chest plucking.