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by Diane Burroughs January 18, 2020 1 min read 1 Comment

Hey! Have you been wondering what the health benefits of tropical oils are for your bird? Check out our comparison of Red Palm Oil and Coconut Oil in our new infographic. The bottom line is that both of these tropical oils have astounding health benefits for parrots when used in moderation.  After all, most parrot species are from tropical regions where these oils are abundant,

One more tidbit, look for a product that has been responsibly sourced.


Comparing Red Palm Oil and Coconut Oil for Parrots

1 Response


March 09, 2020

Our 18 yr old TAG, that we fostered and then adopted 10 years ago, is very well adjusted, easy with strangers and not the least bit nervous. I retired in March and she started to “Barber” (not plucking only trimming) her chest. Then moved to her back and wings. I now work again. I found your RED Palm, which she has always loved and immediately she eats it like candy. We have 2 others parrots who also eat it. Then she started “Barbering” again this week. My husband stopped giving Red Palm for a few weeks. I am giving it again. Will let you know how she does!

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