Road Trip With Parrots & Parrot Vacations

Road Trip With Parrots & Parrot Vacations

Parrot vacations are not just possible, they are fun.  And, who else has their own personal squawking back seat driver?  Learn everything that you need to know for parrot vacations here.
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I Have My Own Back Seat Driver....

Yeah.  I do parrot vacations! On just about any given day at the park or the beach, you will find several dog owners playing with their beloved four legged children. Some are small in size and then there are those so big they can barely walk, let alone run.

Some cities, even have designated park's just for dogs. Usually the parks have obstacle courses for playing or a track around the park for the pet and its owner to go for a walk.

Seems like most places accommodate for dogs, but what those of us that have a love for birds? Parrots to be exact. We parrot lovers are just as devoted and loyal to our little feathered "kids" as any dog owner.

What About Taking Parrot Vacations?

Traveling with our parrots should not be something we dread or put off due to being inconvenient. There are places for bird lovers to go, with their Parrots, which provide entertainment along with refreshing air for both the owner and the bird.

First, let's discuss a few tips for traveling that will make the transition fun and simple for you and your feathered friends.

1). Use a bird carrier that your bird is used to: The importance of providing your parrot with a bird carrier or travel cage that is large enough not to stress him or her out while being in a vehicle. Especially if you are introducing him to riding for the first time.

It's impossible to travel with a cage the size of the one you have at home, but try to make it as personal for your parrot as possible by stocking it with some of your parrots favorite cage accessories. Provide her with enough room for stretching, wing flapping and maybe even a little climbing.

Placing her typical toys, food and water dishes in the travel cage will make her feel at home. Give your parrot some time before traveling to roam around freely in the cage so that it's not a sudden shock.

2). Always think safety: When placing the cage in your vehicle, consider where and how to be as important as if it were a child's car seat. It's suggested that you buckle bird carriers into the back seat, with the front facing forward.

Making sure the cage is sitting level is important. Even if the front seat is available, do not place the cage there due to the air bag. Remember, if you are traveling in an RV, it's still a moving vehicle and your parrot cage still needs to be secure.

3). Groom before you go: This is probably the most important tip. Even the most-well-mannered bird can become extremely anxious when traveling.  Trimming flight feathers and grooming and trimming her beak and nails is important to prevent biting and clawing.

4). Provide her with her favorites: Be sure to pack her favorite treats, pellets, seeds and toys. Providing usual water, food and treats helps your birds tummy.  Keeping the atmosphere as normal as possible will help keep her calm.

Running out of the foods she is accustomed to on her diet could cause digestive issues while traveling. It's better to pack too much than not enough. Pack plenty of her favorite snacks and foods to prevent having to buy a different product.

Can I take My Parrot On An Airplane? 

Short answer. Yes. Consult with your airlines well ahead of time for their airline approved bird carrier dimensions.  Our best selling airline approved carriers are found here.

parrot carrierThere are some bird friendly airlines that allow you to fly (as of this publishing) with your parrot in the cabin. These are,
  • Alaskan Airlines
  • Continental Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Northwest Airlines
  • US Air Airlines
  • America West Airlines

As of this writing, American Airlines allow birds, but only if they fly in the cargo area. Most airlines will charge a fee for the bird to travel, and some airlines require particular cages for safety. Always book your trip as early as possible and help ward off stress by acclimating your bird to the new carrier.

So, Let's Go Have Some Fun

There are plenty of places that are bird-friendly, allowing you and your feathered friend to have a fun filled vacation without fear of being rejected.

Having variety in choices makes planning a vacation even more fun. Here are a few places with different themes to choose from for you and your parrot to enjoy.

Step Into The Wonders Of Wings

Jungle Island in Miami, Florida provides bird lovers their own paradise within the world of birds called "Winged Wonders." Here you will experience the world's most fascinating and extreme birds, making you feel like you just stepped into the jungle.

You get to be up-close and personal with thousands of birds such as the great condor. You can enjoy conversations with some on the most unusual parrots and visit the parks very own six foot tall Cassowary named Mama Cass.

Winged Wonders, designed for bird lovers of all types, promises its visitors plenty to take in all while experiencing all the beautiful birds have to offer.

Parrot Lover's Cruise

If you are a lover of water this is the vacation just for you. Hop on board for the annual Parrot Lovers Cruise. Here you get to travel via cruise ship to some of the most beautiful parrot sites seeing while on the bluest of waters.

With on-board parrot seminars and visits to exotic ports, this is a spectacular cruise designed specifically for Parrot lovers. With activities and classes taking place at all times, individuals meet and mingle with one another while sharing stories of their feathered loved ones.

Every port of call features exotic themed adventures for your entertainment. Bird shows, classes, films and training are just a small part of the package when you sign up for this incredible cruise.

This Zoo Is For The Birds

Bird lovers from all over flock to the Oakland Zoo to enjoy the large variety of birds on display. No matter what your favorite type bird is, they have at least one of everything. Make sure you plan a full day here, you will need if just for all the birds they proudly display.

There are many places that allow parrot lovers the freedom to enjoy their true passion. Why put yourself and your pet in stress by leaving home without him or her?

Traveling to destinations designed for those of us that love our feathered pets as much as dog owners love theirs makes a vacation even better.

Be sure to search online for many more destinations that are just waiting for you and your parrot to arrive, promising you plenty of parrot loving fun.


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