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All Natural Nutrient Rich Bird Treats

Your pet bird deserves a healthy and balanced diet. As the bird is out of its natural habitat, you have a duty to feed him or her a variety of foods that he or she would naturally forage. However, the question becomes, "What is the most healthy and nutritious food I can feed my bird?

With all of the different types of bird food and vitamins available, what are the best ones for my bird?" This is where we at come in. We will guide and support you in the care of your beautiful bird enabling your bird to live healthily and for you to gain enjoyment as you and your bird grow together. Your pet bird’s daily diet should be a healthy balance of foods that meet your bird’s needs. And, while there are always advances in our understanding of avian nutrition, we do know that malnutrition is the most common affliction veterinarians see in Parrots. You see, a seed diet is very unhealthy for birds.  If you've got a seed junkie on your hands, make sure to give your bird vitamins and offer tasty, nutritious treats. Here are the five top natural bird treats that are healthy and nutritious and will not upset your bird’s digestive system:

  • Goldenfeast Diced Papaya Papaya is a juicy tropical fruit with a high count of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a vital source of vitamin A, which is excellent news for you and your bird. This fruit contains peppery seeds which your bird will love and will not upset your bird's sensitive digestive tract. The Goldenfeast diced papaya is an ideal tasty treat for your bird that is available year-round and can be used as a daily treat for your bird to nibble on.
  • Grapes Grapes and their seeds are an excellent form of fiber for your bird. While the skin should be washed to remove bacteria and pesticides, your bird will enjoy foraging for the seed inside the grape. One or two grapes make a refreshing treat for your bird. Cut up fresh grapes into tiny pieces to use as bird training treats.
  • Sweet Potatoes (Yams) Sweet potatoes are another great source of beta-carotene and can convert quickly to vitamin A. Any natural source of beta-carotene is known for helping to keep a bird's eyes healthy and it helps to build resistances against heart and cardiac problems. Your bird will love munching on chunks of sweet potato, and an added bonus is that sweet potato is full of fiber.
  • Pepitas – Pumpkin Seeds Pepitas also known as pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of zinc and can be made into treats for your pet bird. You can add in flesh of the pumpkin to provide your bird with a natural treat that he or she will thank you for.
  • Pine Nuts In Shell These fun to crack nuts build on your bird’s energy resources and nuts are a great source of healthy fat for your bird. Fat converts into energy and fat is required to convert some vitamins into energy. Therefore, pine nuts are a healthy choice for the occasional treat for your bird. Hide pine nuts in foraging toys for fun enrichment.

 Healthy Bird Treats

Here are further suggestions on natural bird treats:
  • Oranges – squeeze juice from an orange onto your bird’s food to keep it moist and to maintain a healthy pH. balance. This will also help to keep flies away from leftover food. 
  • Cherries – while seasonal, cherries combat Gout which birds do suffer from. Gout can cripple a bird and budgies suffer. Keep gout away from your little bird and prolong their vibrancy for as long as you can.
  • Cooked beans – any type of cooked bean is good for your bird. There is a range of bean mixes available for a bird tasty treat.
  • Brown Rice – Cook and cooled – brown rice is a great source of fiber.

Anything vegetable or fruit that is organic can be given without the skin washed. However, if you are unsure of the fruit or vegetable's origin, err on the side of caution and wash it. Take a browse around our selection of natural treats for your bird. We carry a vast range of popular and natural foods that are suitable for most pet birds and parrots. 

Always be sure to remove moist food after a few hours to minimize your bird ingesting spoiled food,

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