Velcro Closure Bird Collar
Velcro Closure Bird Collar
Velcro Closure Bird Collar -
Velcro Closure Bird Collar -
Velcro Closure Bird Collar
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bird plucking collar ebook

Velcro Cone Bird Collar

Sale price$ 48.99

Struggling with a persistent feather plucker? Feel like you've tried it all, only to come home to feathers all over the floor? Don't lose hope! Discover our game-changing bird collar designed to break the cycle of feather plucking and bring newfound joy to your bird's life.


✔ Our most popular bird collar features 4 layers of fleece and closes with heavy-duty velcro.

 This bird collar is perfect for moderate pluckers and senior, weak, or injured birds. 

  Enjoy a personalized fit with our bird collars, thanks to the adjustable hook-and-loop closure and the option to tailor the perimeter and neck hole to your bird's needs.

Feeling stressed about your bird's feather plucking? Meet the Velcro Cone Bird Collar – a gentle, expert-designed solution that's like a cozy hug for your feathered friend. Crafted with care, this bird collar boasts four layers of fluffy fleece, cut into fringes for your bird to happily preen. Currently available in yellow hues with a patterned top.

Designed to protectively drape over the body, this collar doesn't interfere with peripheral vision or disrupt daily activities. We've intelligently designed this collar to be easily trimmed, ensuring a personalized fit for your individual bird. We chose delightful, seasonally available colors that match popular birds plumage. 

Wondering why pet lovers swear by it? Well, it's lightweight, comfy, and the industrial-strength Velcro keeps it secure. If you've got a clever Houdini, pick up some moleskin to secure the Velcro. It's not just about halting feather plucking; it's about giving your bird the quality of life they truly deserve.

Ready to make your bird's day? Try our Velcro Cone Bird Collar – because they deserve all the love and comfort! And, here's a little extra: download our free book filled with science-backed strategies to stop plucking.

Why People Love This Bird Collar


My bird likes it

My bird (Mav) is very happy with her new collar. She took to it very well. I am very pleased with the quality. Thank you for all you do for us bird lovers. Betty

Got Questions?

Product Questions

Some birds need help adjusting to wear the collar. Download my free guide about feather plucking and bird collars now.

If you're considering this product, chances are your bird has developed a compulsive plucking habit. Take proactive steps by downloading my book to gain insights on outsmarting your clever companion. Enhance the velcro closures with moleskin for added durability, and consider deterring collar chewing by applying a bird-safe bitter spray. Be proactive in supporting your feathered friend's well-being!

We try to offer our collars in soothing colors that match their plumage. Our best sellers are light blues, yellows, and grey.

However, there continue to be supply chain issues and many fabric patterns change seasonally.

Most birds quickly get the hang of wearing the bird collar, usually within a few days. We suggest giving it a try when you have some quality time to spend with your feathered friend, making sure they can move, eat, and drink comfortably with the collar on. Don't forget to grab our free book to help your feather plucker adjust with ease! 😊🐦

1. Explore the option of using a bird collar to interrupt feather plucking.

2. Use this bundle to address common causes associated with feather plucking.

3. Identify and eliminate triggers that lead to plucking to effectively put a stop to the behavior.

4. Implement positive reinforcement and training to teach replacement behaviors and build self-confidence.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 130 reviews
Azul the lovebird (West Palm Beach, US)
Happy Feathers Ahead: A Loving Review of Our Bird’s New Collar

My lovebird has had a mild plucking condition for many years, but in the last two months, it got worse and she started picking at her shoulder. I have tried many collars made out of felt, cotton fabric, and silk fabric, but she chewed through them quickly and I had to change them almost every day.

This Velcro bird collar is so much better. The Velcro was quite weak and my bird easily opened it, but after I changed it to a stronger one, it has stayed on her for 4 days so far. Her shoulder wound is almost 100% healed, and she will be so happy to take a bath!

Thank you so much for the great product. I also love the feather plucking tips they send out regularly. I highly recommend this collar to bird owners who have plucking concerns.

Cori Blair (New York, US)
only collars that work for my IRN feather plucker

just wish i could keep 10 on hand at all times

Deborah Miles-Hoyt (Sterling, US)

These cone collars have been a lifesaver for my cockatoo. She's hasn't plucked or picked at herself in many months now, but when I first started getting these years ago, she actually tore holes out of her knees and plucked her legs bare.

Cliff Franklin (Doylestown, US)

My cockatoo can get it off pretty easy

Dustin H.

My Sun Conure was able to rip apart the velcro within 2 weeks. Which made me have to buy another one. However, the product worked as intended while it lasted. Maybe a bit heavier then needed but it was a good product. Wish the velcro was a bit more heavy duty.

Dustin, you can use moleskin to support the Velcro closure -