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Size Weight Species Colors Available
Mini <75 grams Budgies, Lovebirds, Parrotlets Black
Petite 75-110 grams Cockatiels, Green Cheek Conures, Kakariki Parakeets Black
X-Small 110-190 grams Quakers, Senegals, Sun Conures Black
Small 190-425 grams Timneh Grey, Pionus, Galah Cockatoos Black
Medium 425-600 grams Congo Grey, Eclectus, Umbrella Cockatoos Black
Large 600-1000 grams Blue and Gold Macaws, Moluccan Cockatoos, Scarlet Macaws Black
X-Large 1000-1600 grams Hyacinth Macaws, Black Palm Cockatoos, Green-winged Macaws Black

How To Use The Aviator Bird Harness

Give Your Bird The Freedom It Deserves

How It Works


The Aviator Harness: freedom for them, peace of mind for you! This lightweight, sturdy harness ensures your bird can enjoy the great outdoors safely. Go ahead, let them flap and frolic to their heart’s content!


Start acclimating your bird to the harness. It might seem strange at first, but with a little patience and complimentary instructions, they'll be ready to spread their wings in no time.


After your bird has mastered harness training, it's time to venture outdoors! Made in the USA designed to be secure and escape-proof, this bird harness ensures that you and your feathered friend can enjoy exploring the great outdoors worry-free.