Equa Holistic Avian Probiotics Bird Supplement, 45 gm.

✔ Perfect for all of your feathered friends.

 Helps maintain optimum feather health and supports skin-related issues from allergies, dry skin, and plucking.

  Essential fatty acids to nourish dry skin.

  Nourishes your bird from the inside out.


    Feeling not-so-fly? Put the spring back into your bird's step with HealthyGut ™ Probiotics for Birds!

    Help your avian friend feel their best with HealthyGut ™

    Probiotics for Birds. This all-natural daily probiotic and prebiotic supplement provides relief from digestive upset, helps defend against feather picking, aids relief from stress and effects from antibiotic use, and holistically promotes normal digestion and crop pH.

    With this easy-to-feed, tasty powder made from human-grade raw materials, you can give your pet bird the best possible start for its general microbiome health.

    Get HealthyGut™ Probiotics for Birds today to help keep your avian friend in tip-top shape!

    Jar Size: 45 gm.; up to 120 servings per jar.

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